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Diasporan Song and Story

New post on Way of the Sacred Fool, my Witches & Pagans blog, is Diasporan Song & Story. This is about how we form identities as diasporan settler-colonial Americans, the stories we tell about who we are, sorting out our concept of mythic American-ness vs. the harsh realities of history.

A couple other interesting posts related to American paganism & spiritual practice- The Magical Battle for America– this is the latest in an ongoing series of meditations & workings by Hecate Demeter, for it to be truly effective it would probably be best to go back to her earlier posts, but annoyingly she doesn’t seem to categorize or tag them. I think I may have linked to some of her previous posts that were in this vein. Related to this is Terence Ward’s post about magically combating the miasma that clouds our understanding of the electoral system.



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Disability & the Broom Closet

OK, after much fussing and dithering, I finally posted a new one for my Witches & Pagans blog-

Disability’s impact on your privacy & agency

Check it out and please comment- I am curious to hear about other folks’ experiences regarding independent/interdependent living and how that affects their spiritual freedom.

February 14, 2016 at 7:02 am 5 comments

To Speak and to Keep Silent

Next entry on Way of the Sacred Fool- To Speak and to Keep Silent

Thoughts on getting along at the Thanksgiving table, and how we might learn from that in broader community settings.

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Way of the Sacred Fool Update

Self-Care Spirituality– this is about the theory, the next will be about practice

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