Blog Challenges/Memes

Ongoing personal projects

Approaching Paganism, (Not your usual Pagan 101!)

Self-Care Virtues, (original post here)

Projects I’ve joined in on

30 Days of Mental Health Awareness (link defunct)

Fallen off the Bandwagon Projects

30 Days of Deity Devotion– created by Arrin, a Gaulish polytheist- his blog is here.  I started doing this one on Fionn Mac Cumhal but have gotten off track. May start again with a different deity. I also have a list of participants and their progress.

Some other interesting blog challenges that I’m not currently in:

Big List of Pagan/Witchcraft Themed 30 Day Challenges from Eelkat on Tumblr

The 30 Days of Polytheism one looks good.

30 Days of Druidry (Alison Leigh Lilly)

A Devotional Polytheist Meme by Galina Krasskova- 24 questions for delving more deeply into your path- a little too advanced for me at this point!

Previous Projects:

Pagan Blog Project 2013-2014


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