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The Patriot Act (response to Khepri)

A reader commented on "Why This Blog?" and rather astutely challenged my assertions. For some reason, WordPress seems to have hidden the comment, though you can read it by clicking on "Comments" . So I will respond here.

In my post I called Bush supporters fools, but it seems I too have been rather foolish- I've been dissing the Patriot Act based only on information I've read, but I haven't even read it directly! Well I looked thru it and it looks like there are some parts of it that I agree with- giving aid/benefits to victims of terrorism, some procedures for punishing terrorists, a denunciation of abuse and discrimination of Muslim and Middle Eastern people.

Calling it the _patriot_ act is obvious propaganda- the same message that has been cranked out ever since 9/11- if you support all the measures the government takes to "fight terrorism" you are a patriot, a true American and you are anti-American supporter of terrorists if you oppose them. Believe it or not, I am trying to be patriotic here. I'm speaking out to defend the principles our country was founded on. At least, as I interpret them.

I think we are actually making terrorism worse through our foreign policy actions. I can't pinpoint all the possible reasons why people want to attack us, but among the major ones are retaliation for our support of the Saudi regime, Israel and all-around political and economic imperialism. Not that these things justify the actions of any of these groups.

You may not feel the need to be afraid if you support all the actions of the government- but while now you may support them because you think it's right, later you may do so out of fear. Those of us who dissent wonder, when we hear of people taken away in the middle of the night, with no trial, to "undisclosed locations" and tortured. You say the only right being infringed is my "right to be a terrorist". Well, what about my right to private library records, phone calls, e-mails, instant messaging, mail? Numerous anti-war and left-wing activists have been put on No-Fly lists. No, I don't have anything to be concerned about.
A leader who wins support through fear, who justifies repealing civil liberties for "safety"- these are the signs of fascism. We ignore them at our peril.


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