Feminist Link Roundup #4: Reality Checks for Geeks & Pagans

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“Reproductive Healthcare” isn’t just about Reproduction– In the wake of the Hobby Lobby case, Part-Time Monster points out that different contraceptives can have many medical uses, not just prevention of pregnancy.

Stop Telling Me I’m Pretty For a Girl in a Wheelchair: How Your Words Contribute to Violence Against Women with Disabilities by Stephanie Woodward

“You, my dear crippled girl, will never be pretty. You’ll be cute. You’ll be cute to adults who like to patronize you and squeeze your cheeks and treat you like a child for the rest of your life. Adults that automatically think that because you’re in a wheelchair you’re broken.  You will never be cute to the boy in your 8th grade class who has the perfect hair and great smile. He’ll never think you’re pretty because, quite frankly, you’re a broken girl. ”

Sins of the Whistle-Blower by Shauna Aura Knight-

“In the movies and on TV, when someone blows the whistle and reveals the illegal doings of a company, or speaks out against their rapist, or outs an abusive leader, there’s always a happy ending. And–the person is always telling the truth.

The middle part of the movie might have a lot of dramatic tension where the whistle-blower is in danger, or people think they are lying, but ultimately they come out as the hero. I wish it were always that easy. I wish that people believed the activists who rise up to speak the truth.


Once again (or maybe I posted this on Facebook not here?) please take a look at the Geek Social Fallacies of Sex, there is a lot that applies to many different subcultures I participate in of people who considers themselves Super-Smart/Progressive/Enlightened but don’t always act that way…

Nerds & Male Privilege by Dr. Nerdlove Nerdy guys think of themselves as nice underdogs, and often forget how male privilege applies to them. The Good Doctor gives the geek dudebros some tough love.



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No, Thanks: Gods/Heroes I Avoid Disability Blog Projects

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