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Wow! I am at 116 followers now! I was going to mention this when I got to 100 but forgot! I would like to thank folks for your interest and support. I am intrigued by the variety of subjects and viewpoints that my different followers cover. All too often we only stick to talking with, and reading viewpoints we agree with, it’s nice to see some folks branching out, and I like to do the same.

Cassandra Rose Arthur– among those classified as “conservative” I tend to get along better with libertarians- they tend to be more well-read, have better critical thinking skills and a unique view, even if I disagree. Cassandra writes about a variety of topics from politics to music.

Disciple’s Perspective– Looks like he has a series about explaining why women should not serve in the military or in the police force, (he is a police officer) based on Biblical principles. While I’ve heard of verses being used to support women not taking leadership positions (etc.) I haven’t heard arguments for combat exclusion from a Biblical standpoint.

“The objection that women are essential to the police force is false. The men get the job done very well. The areas where it seems that female officers are vital can be outsourced to civilians. There is no excuse; so why are we sending our daughter’s into combat like a bunch of pagans and misogynists? Policewomen are never ‘needed’ in society.” Whoa, dude slow down, say what? Well, I’ll leave that to the Christian feminists!

To balance this out, we have Hessian with Teeth going thru the Bible, chapter by chapter and explaining how they (2 writers) disagree with it.

Better Not Broken– a survivor of domestic abuse discusses her experiences and advocates for women’s rights and education about abuse.

Let Yourself Learn– Katie Spero, writes inspirational self-help posts with it looks like A Course in Miracles and other influences- and feminism!

The Real England– blog written by an American expat named Cassidy Clay related to a book called “Stuff They Won’t Include on Any Tourist Guide: the Real England” I feel like there is a lot of classism going on in this blog/book, needless shaming of people who were born into poverty that while they may not have made good choices (drugs, crime) may have a learned sense of helplessness and lack of hope. I am not entirely naive about this- I went to an inner city high school in the U.S.

Crafted in Carhartt– nifty crafting website

Attenti al Lupo– blog in Italian with some English about social justice issues.

Jen Keller– autism mom blog

Note: I am not going review every blog that follows me- there are some that seem like they are commercial/blog-promoting websites those I won’t bother with, I will have a couple other posts for pagany blogs and geeky blogs.


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