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Disability Blog Projects

 Blog Against Disablism Day- this was for May 1st– this is nicely organized by topic- like Education, Employment, Language issues etc.

Words I Wheel By: June Disability News/Blog Round-up 4

Another great collection of posts/news articles

Lessons from My Failed Project as an Able-Bodied Ally This post caught my eye- and I tried commented on it but it wouldn’t let me!  It’s a reflection from a teacher of developmentally disabled students in a young adult transition program. I found I could relate to a lot both as an autistic person who’s continued on better understanding and helping other folks with autism and other disabilities, and as a person who experiences other types of privilege- it reminds me a lot of my journey attempting to be a white anti-racist ally.

My fellow blogger Rose is a novelist and fan-fiction writer, and she’s been working on a collaborative project called “Redefining Disability” which promotes better representation of people with disabilities in the media. I highly recommend that series- I don’t know why, but for some reason all too often when “diversity” is discussed, disability is left out. Anyway, she is now asking people to discuss their own experiences with disability (including people who have friends/family with disabilities) in the Redefining Disability Awareness Challenge.

This was also inspired by 30 Days of Mental Illness Awareness Challenge. Not sure if I should be signing up for more blog challenges!

I have caught up with the Pagan Blog Project, though I still need to go back and fill in a few letters.

Via that blog, I found the Mental Health Writer’s Guild– a blogging community of people whose blogs discuss mental health issues. By writing openly about our experiences with mental illness and disability, we bring out of the closet, out of the stigma and into the light. This brings hope to people who feel ashamed of the challenges they face. It is up to each individual how much they wish to reveal about themselves.

Also found- Blog For Mental Health 2014


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