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Note to Bloggers with Disabilities

Hey folks- I have been adding now and then Pagan bloggers with disabilities to my post I created earlier, most recently Robert’s new blog. I know of other folks who could be added but I don’t know whether they are comfortable with the “disability” label necessarily, I don’t want people to feel as if they are being pigeon-holed. And I mean bloggers who actually talk about their disabilit(ies) now and then- physical, mental or otherwise, not people who have “this thing” that they technically have, but it’s mostly just a blurb in their medical records and doesn’t affect them much or they aren’t interested or comfortable discussing it. That’s fine, many people fit into that situation. I just want to promote a society, locally, globally where people do not have to feel stigmatized for their conditions and can get fair opportunities to access housing, employment, (or other means of support) education, friendships, relationships etc. If you want to be a part of that, welcome aboard.

For disabled bloggers in general, whether Pagan or not, I’ll make a side-bar section of my blogroll likely favoring people who discuss it in relation to politics, media (especially geeky media) and religion/spirituality- heck I’ll include atheism in that.  I’ve already added some folks under the “Sundry blogs” heading, but wanted to check with people out of respect in regard being put in a disability category.
Some blogs may get listed more than once. The blogroll is getting long, so I might just start another page.

A word to the wise- I do every now and then, weed out blogs that haven’t updated in a long time- I’ve gone on long hiatuses before, so I am pretty generous, but just keep that in mind. If you blog becomes active again, and it’s not on WordPress (since I mostly just follow folks thru my reader) or has moved, please comment.


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