Late May/Early June Personal Update

June 4, 2015 at 11:40 pm Leave a comment

  • My family (parents & brother Dylan) are visiting for a couple weeks from Wyoming- partly because they haven’t been here in 5 years (I’ve always flown over there) as well as to help with some house projects, mainly the front steps (the back steps were rebuilt last fall and we still need to stain the wood). I suspect it will be a big enough dramatic production that they will end up acquiring a sarcastic nickname from me & Dan like “The Holy Steps of Antioch” or “The Pyramid of Giza”
  • Excited for the ADF Upper Midwest Retreat this weekend! Dan will bring his accordion for the bardic circle, and we’ll also bring some board games and our picnic table screen tent as it will likely be raining (as is usual in June both in Minnesota & Wisconsin) I also thought about going to the Northern Folk Gathering in New Ulm later in June, but with the family visit originally planned in July getting scooched up to June that was a lil too much. Perhaps next year…
  • I have created a Facebook page for *Mariah Sheehy (my actual legal name), the blogger, so you can follow my blog that way…however for June I’m taking a vacation from Facebook but additionally you can follow me on Twitter- Any other social media suggestions that don’t take much expertise for me to learn, let me know.
  • I’m looking into putting together a disability studies group (as part of the Neuroqueer Midwest group) , to start up this summer or fall, which will be offered thru the Experimental Community Education of the Twin Cities. I went to a meeting to learn about them and they are a very cool group. (formerly called experimental college, but we can’t use that name anymore since they are no longer affiliated with a college or university) Once I do more research and get things together more, it may be offered as a more formal class, with EXCO and/or St Paul Community Ed. This will also be a way for me to get more practice in putting together presentations & workshops for conferences…maybe even getting paid to do it at times!
  • I failed my driver’s test, but will be taking it again in July. I need to get some more practice on switching between one-way and two-way streets (one-ways are more common in Minneapolis than St. Paul, thus less practice opportunities!) among other things.
  • Had a nice party for the BECAUSE 2015 planning committee yesterday, and we starting putting together ideas for 2016 (we’re now referring to it as “this year’s BECAUSE”) And we have chosen a theme: “Our identities, our lives”.

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