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Moderation Policy in Progress

Welcome Comments-

  • Adding to the conversation in a polite, civil manner
  • Polite corrections of misinformation and additional information that may be helpful
  • Bringing in a different perspective- folks from other countries, regions, religious, political views, life experiences etc. are encouraged to comment
  • Asking questions to clarify and learn
  • Constructive criticism

Not Welcome Comments

  • Derailing a conversation by inserting an unrelated topic, or a related one that distracts from what I’m actually talking about in my post. Want to talk about Israel/Palestine, abortion or whatever else is your pet topic? Write on your own blog!
  • Bigotry and bashing of People Not Like You (racism, sexism, transphobia, classism, (dis) ableism etc.)
  • Playing “devil’s advocate“- First off, do you even know what that means? You’re probably not even doing it!
  • Trying to convince me of an ideology (religious or secular) that’s clearly opposed to what I have discussed here.
  • I discuss matters of sexuality at times. This is not a invitation for questions about my sex life, and I am not a sex therapist or sex advice columnist.

We Can Talk About It If Everyone Stays Calm!

  • Please read carefully- I do a lot of comparisons between different groups, and discuss overlaps between different groups, and make *qualified* generalizations about particular groups- I try to say “Some, not all, there is a correlation between X and Y” and so forth, so please watch for that before getting offended.
  • I use reclaimed words like Pagan, Heathen and queer, I also use identity-first disability language, at least for groups that I belong to (like autistic or Aspie rather than person with autism or Asperger’s.) If you don’t care for those terms yourself (or for your loved ones) that’s fine, but please respect my own choices of language and I will respect yours.
  • I share tips and suggestions about coping with traits of autism and mental illness based on my own experiences, and what I’ve observed from other people but please remember I am not a mental health professional.
  • If you are a minor (under 18 and not emancipated) or a “vulnerable adult” and talking to me about Stuff on the Internet that Might Upset Your Parents/Guardians- not so much on this blog since it’s public, but on e-mail and Facebook, please remember that this could result in legal consequences for me “corrupting minors” and that sort of stuff. And I want y’all to be safe. I like the “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” philosophy, but I also understand there are dangerous people both offline and online. If I find out you are a minor, I will end any private communication with you unless you get parental or guardian approval.

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