Celtic Polytheists on Tumblr (my list)

September 17, 2015 at 6:48 am 3 comments

On the Celtic Polytheism resource page, I had a link to Echtrai’s list of Celtic Polytheists on Tumblr. However it’s like Livejournal in that there’s a lot of blogs that come and go and ones that have very mixed content that you have to slog through. I’m reducing it down to ones that are mostly Celtic in content. And to boot, perhaps I’ll add some other types of polytheists. Bonus points if you actually tag things, have pages of info etc.



ReviewingtheCeltics– group that reviews Celtic-related books & answers questions.


Gaelic Polytheism 101

An tSnaidhm

Adventures in Asexuality

Altar of Delirium– Brighid, Mannanan mac Lir

Beag Coinneal


Crowsandcondescension  warrior path, Morrigan devotee

Echtrai–  Riona, devotee of Lugh

Feannog– Kym Lambert, Shadow of the Hooded Crow project for the goddesses Macha, Badb & the Morrigan


Lebornaciar- Jared

Mathairnandee- Danu, Brighid


Modern Southern Polytheist

Nicstoirm– Allec, devotee of Lugh, sea magic

Sachairi Mac Caba   Zach

Wandering Artificer


AwenyddogCamulos– selkies!






Blind Brigidine Hearth- Robert/Raibert

Lightning & Ravens– Shrine to Thor & the Morrigan

Celtic cultural interest (not just religion)

Too Sexy For My Celt– fashion, historic & modern

As Gaeilge– Irish language learning, by Jared, same person as Lebornaciar

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  • 1. Robert Brighde  |  September 17, 2015 at 7:00 am

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us. There’s a couple here that I didn’t know about before and will probably end up start following.

    This also reminds me that I need to work on my own blog some more, both on here and on Tumblr.

    • 2. caelesti  |  September 17, 2015 at 7:03 am

      Yeah, I’m on tumblr but I don’t really use it for religious purposes or much at all. I think I prefer wordpress for blogging, and Pinterest for images. I lost track of your blogs, as you’ve started and stopped them multiple times. Not a criticism, I understand you’ve gone thru a lot of changes!

      • 3. Robert Brighde  |  September 17, 2015 at 7:10 am

        Yeah, sorry about that. The past year or so has been so chaotic and that sometimes I feel like I can’t find the ground to keep my feet upon. Things have been getting more stable tese days though, and I’m slowly working on planting more perminent roots in the form of places called BlindBrigidineHearth. Mostly a WordPress and Tumblr blogs, but I’ll probably get a Youtube channel up eventually with the same name as I really dig doing Youtube video, and it’s a lot easier for me to speak than to write for some reason.

        I tend to prefer WordPress more than anything too, part of which is because it seems to be the most accessible blogging platform out there, at least when it comes to my screen reader anyway.

        That being said, I’ve kind of been getting used to Tumblr and see some of it’s potential, though I’ll probably always stick with WordPress as a primary place to post.

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