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European Paganism

An important read for better understanding Paganism in Europe & Anglo-American cultural dominance of Paganism globally.

Migdalit Or

Maybe I have been reading too much Gods & Radicals lately or maybe my last post on the UPG police has just triggered too much interest but I said to myself today: Fuck it, I will write a little about politics. Pagan politics, if there is such a thing.

One thing that has struck me once more doing my research on the Thyrmheim post, and also reading Gods & Radicals is just how much the Pagan online community is dominated by the Anglo-American world and world view. All the big portals, newswires, and blogs seem to be based in the US and while for instance the Wild Hunt does try to include news from Europe as well its focus still is on US happenings and US topics.

Most of the so called “big name” Pagan blogs are also written by US Americans, rarely also Canadians or British. As a result…

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Harrassment, Bigotry, Safety Policies, and Changing Culture

Pagans, being human mess up just like everyone else…Glad to see more policies confronting this! I will be making a commenting policy for this blog to encourage open, civil dialog & discourage (& ban/delete) uncivil & bigoted comments.

Pagan Activist

4333805_xxl2It’s a sad truth that harassment and discrimination occurs within the Pagan community. However, I want to call some positive attention to several Pagan events that have adopted safety and anti-harassment policies at their events. While a lot of Pagans tell me, “Duh, of course we’d kick someone out for racist comments/sexual misconduct/gay bashing,” the truth is, this is not always the case. And further, some issues–such as discrimination against transgender people–have only recently become something that more Pagans are even aware of, much less working to address.

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Capitalism, Neurotypicality, and the War on Consciousness

Sean articulates many thoughts I’ve had over the years about being autistic. Also why I Just Can’t Deal with mainstream autism groups anymore.

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Vanatru Symbol Found!

Awesome! Get to work, artsy folk!

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

Calling all Vanatruar: PLEASE USE THIS SYMBOL!

I have long been frustrated by the lack of a single clear symbol for modern Vanatru suitable for a pendant. Mjolnir and Valknots are popular among modern Asatruar. The most popular symbol for the Vanir are knotwork boars, and various Trees but they’re used among Pagans in general, especially Celtic pagans, so it’s not a clear message when we use them to represent Vanatru.

So I have been searching for some time for a suitable symbol, preferably with some historical basis, but not already in common modern use, that can represent Vanatru clearly when we wear it. I have hoped to find something simple and striking, such that it is instantly recognizable even when drawn casually by a person who isn’t much of an artist.

Well, I do believe I’ve found it!

This version has 9 bristles and 4 legs, deliberately. Historical…

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CFS: History of Trans-feminism Anthology

(Note: These are not my stories to tell, but I am happy to pass the word along about this wonderful project! From the Feminists Fighting Transphobia group on Facebook

From Emmagene Kaytlyn Cronin:

“So here’s the deal friends. The trans community currently has a dearth on reference or resources about those that have built our movement. We may have some aspects of their stories recorded, their transitions spoken about, etc…, but we lack any centralized collection of our lives as activists, and the stories behind that activism. We are spoken about often, but our personal, and individual stories are missing; those that will come after us will be looking for direction on how to do, and grow, what we have devoted our live (many with years of work still ahead of them) to achieving.

Therefore, I would like to start the process of collecting these stories of our feminist (by any stripe you label it) roots, how we became feminists, how we got started in our activism, how that activism has been empowering to others, and how our activism has empowered us. Though I disagree with Andrea James on a great many things, I find that her work, an format, on the book Letters for My Sisters is appropriate here.

We, as the trans activist community – a wide ranging group of intersectional individuals, are leading a movement that is no different than our sisters of color did with mainstream white feminism. We are lending our voices to third wave feminism, and transforming it into a wider reaching, more inclusive movement – everyones work involved in this need to be told.

So if you have any recommendations for individuals that you believe should be included in this anthology, please reach out to me and let me know or better yet, reach out to them and have them get ahold of me. Lets work together to create a book that celebrates the lives of these amazing people in their own words.


My goal for possible publication is fall 2015.

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