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Mumming Links

Dver has created a nifty new website about mumming and mask traditions in Europe and North America- Masks & Monsters

She’s of a similar mindset to me on the subject- if it works, if it’s spiritually and aesthetically effective, it doesn’t matter whether a folk tradition is a survival of pagan customs. This is also a great opportunity to branch out and share with one’s broader non-Pagan community, particularly arts & cultural groups, nature-oriented groups and so forth.

Calendar Customs– great guide to festivals and customs around the United Kingdom

In the Twin Cities area- here are some groups that do work with masks, mummery and puppetry and related forms of folk dancing. Many of them welcome public participation! (though often with membership or workshop fees) Scholarships are also sometimes available, so look carefully at each site.

Minnesota Krampus– The Austrian and Bavarian traditions of St. Nik, Krampus and friends are brought to life at Yuletide and throughout the year at German folk festivals in the Midwest. Krampus mask-making workshops are being held at the German American Institute in St Paul.

Spielmannszug MN– Karneval in Minnesota- celebrate the Feast of Fools at multiple events from Nov 11- Ash Wednesday.

Minnesota Traditional Morris

Uptown-on-Calhoun Morris

BareBones Productions– they put on a Halloween show every year which is amazing, and also participate in many parades and festivals in the area.

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theater– has shows throughout the year, as well as the May Day Parade and festival in Powderhorn Park.


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Devotions, Mumming and other Links of Spiritual Interest

I keep finding more and more nifty resources and ideas on other blogs to further my spiritual interests. A series of posts by Mystik Nomad on developing a devotional practice (link is for the last post, but it has links to all the previous ones)

More from the same blog on designing/making/using prayer beads  Additionally, here’s a website that’s been around a long time: Karen’s Prayer Beads– she has prayer bead examples from many different religions.

I love collecting beads, beading and have been meaning to make my own prayer beads forever, but the procrastinator and perfectionist in me have gotten in the way. Newsflash Caelesti- you can always take them apart if you change your mind!

Ariel, the Practical Polytheist lays out instructions for making your own Prayer Book: Intro,  Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5, Steps 6,7,8,9

All of these are relevant and helpful to anyone who honors multiple gods/spirits (regardless of exact theology) Makes things a lot less intimidating when they are broken down into pieces.

Dver, Hellenic polytheist and spiritworker, also has an interest in masks and mummery– the old European (and New World versions) folk traditions of dance, processions and other customs that take place at transitional seasons. Like me, she is interested in them regardless of how truly “pagan” they are in origin.  I think if more of us were to take this perspective, these are the sort of customs that could bring Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, assorted pagans and polytheists, and yes Christians and spiritually-minded atheists and agnostics together.

The first issue of Air n-Aisthesc is out– a peer-reviewed scholarly magazine on Celtic polytheism. Available both in print & digital! Will add this to Celtic polytheism resource page.

A good follow-up to my rather thrown together post on Diplomacy, here’s a good review on those handy qualifying words: Some, Many and Most.  I know for posts I’ve written that have gotten me in trouble, going back and editing with those words  (sometimes) helps calm people down.

Just for fun: Tattuinardola Saga– Star Wars- if it was written as an Icelandic saga. (In English just in the style of a saga) Maybe a way to bring the Tolkien & Star Wars geeks together?

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