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Midsummer Musings

I typically don’t celebrate the Summer Solstice formally, because Dan & I usually go camping around that time. A couple times when I was at home, I performed an ADF style Hellenic ritual for Helios. For a while my cultural foci were Gaelic and Hellenic, now it’s Germanic & Gaelic. In the Gaelic tradition, the solstices and equinoxes are less important, though there are some associated customs, particularly in Scotland where there is more Norse influence. American style Asatru & Heathenry tends to lump everything into a pan-Germanic blob, albeit with a Norse/Icelandic, slant but I’ve been trying to sort out where the different holidays come from, and what people added in- like “Vali’s Day” instead of Valentine’s Day. Altogether, the customs of Midsummer are very similar across the British Isles, Scandinavia and even in Baltic and Slavic countries- bonfires, herbs and flowers being gathered and believed to have magical properties for health and fertility, wearing flowery wreaths, dancing and mock weddings being performed.

I think there are some holidays that work OK for solitary practice- Samhain for example can be rather quiet and contemplative. But clearly summer holidays are not like that! But we do have community festivals coming up- the following weekend will be the Twin Cities GLBT Pride festival. Totally secular and modern of course, but I can’t help seeing a lot of the same themes, just in a queer-er form. I’m not sure if there will be bonfires, but surely there will be barbeques- this is America after all! Certainly we’ll be having them on Independence Day. People will definitely be having sex, even if it’s less prone to baby-making! Cross-dressing is associated with some holidays- more so with Beltaine & some versions of Samhain, and that will certainly be going on. Drag is a performance, a ritual of sorts, and theatre comes from ritual. Fairies and witches are believed to hang out on Midsummer’s Night.

Aine- the Irish goddess of the summer sun, is also a fairy queen (there may be more than one Aine)

Sol, the Norse sun goddess has Afrodull as one of her epithets, which can be translated as Elf Splendor, Elf Shine or Elf Wheel (more info here- this page is about Yule, but has a lot of speculation about Sol) To me the idea that the Sun goddess was more important at one time in Norse religion rings true, and the author suggests we can see echoes of that in Idunna, Freyja and others as well as a stronger sense of who she is from their Baltic neighbors to the east, as Saule.

In Deitsch lore, it is told that Oschdre (cognate with Anglo-Saxon Eostre) created the colors of the world. Oschdre could be another sun/dawn goddess.

The rainbow flag originally had eight colors representing hot pink for sexuality, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for the sun, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony and violet for spirit. Since the colors pink and turquoise weren’t easily available (the first flags being hand-dyed by Gilbert Baker, who created the flag in 1978) the colors were reduced to a standard six, but I love the symbolism behind the original flag.

So these are my weird brainstorm-y ideas. I’ll sleep on it & see if I can make a ritual out of it- I’m thinking one that’s for the purpose of blessing the GLBT community, with particular emphasis on bi/pan & trans/genderqueer folks.

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Favorite “E” PBP Posts

Eclectic(ism) Sulischild tries to balance an eclectic path while being aware of cultural appropriation, and also ponders views of disability in ancient Celtic cultures. Australis Incognita on using red brick dust (a tradition from New Orleans voodoo)

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Eithne– Caer writes about the mother of Lugh

EldersDonald Reese-Engstrom “I have noticed that we are of a variety of opinion on this topic. Therefore, I encourage us all to closely examine our own understandings of the roles of an ‘elder’ and then to engage in dialog with one another with clear eyes, open minds, and compassionate hearts.”

Elsewhere– Refreshing to see a skeptical (yet open) look at otherworldly/astral travel

Enheduanna– Mistress of the Hearth writes about a talented Sumerian priestess

Entitlement– Cave of Night (I considered writing about this myself!)

Eolas– Scathcraft shares insights on the pros and cons of oral and written tradition (in French, translation link on site)

Eostre– Aiwelin on the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and the dawn

Erlkonig– Cry of the Cicada writes of a German song by Schubert poem by Goethe based on Danish folklore of the Erlkonig (Elf/Alder King) a luring personification of Death

Eriu- Goddess of Ireland by New Pagan

Ethics: Beyond the Intersection of Non-Harm & Return– Ci Cyfarth challenges the assumption that all pagans believe in the Three-fold Law of Return (or karma or something similar) and proposes alternative ethical ideas.

Eye of the Needle– Magickal Pen uses the metaphor of sewing tips on maintaining a balanced spiritual practice

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