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Heathen Round-Table for June

A Heathen Round Table has started up- inspired by the Kemetic Round Table, it’s an invitation from Heathens, Northern Tradition, Asatru or Vanatru folks of all stripes to discuss a monthly topic on their blogs. The first question for June is-

“How did you first become involved in heathenry? What started you on this path, and how has it changed you?”

Norse mythology was the second mythology I discovered as a kid reading D’Aulaires Greek myths & Norse myths. The mythology books were near the fairy tale books in the library, and as I steadily devoured fairy tales I came across them. I decided that both sets of Gods were *way* more interesting than grumpy ol’ Yahweh, but actually being a pagan/polytheist/heathen wasn’t yet on my radar. After getting into Paganism as a teen, my first impressions of Asatru in Margot Adler’s Drawing Down the Moon were not exactly appealing! Later after joining the University of Minnesota Pagan Society I got the chance to meet some actual Heathens, and the folks I met were friendly and serious about their cultures/religions so that gave me a much better impression of Heathenry. But my focus for years has tended to be more on Irish/Scottish Druidry. While I still keep with that path, I’ve come to realize that I am much more culturally Anglo-German as a Midwestern Euro-American mutt, and German & Scandinavian cultural influences in Minnesota, Wisconsin and neighboring states are pretty much my adopted culture. I’m something of a recovering “armchair Pagan” and trying to kickstart myself back into practice. My partner is also mostly German in heritage, and though spiritually agnostic, has expressed interest in going to Heathen gatherings for the cultural aspects ( As he put it: bratwurst & polka music? Where do I sign up?)


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