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Spring Equinox- Gaelic Options

We don’t have evidence that Ye Olde Celts celebrated the spring equinox. But there are always options, if you do want to celebrate it, or a holiday near that time.

In Scottish folk tradition, Latha na Caillich (Day of the Old Woman) is observed on March 25th.  To be clear, there are multiple spirits referred to as an Cailleach in Scottish lore, and Cailleach Bheur shows up in Irish lore. So they should be referred to as nan Cailleachan, plural, or if you are familiar with one of them from a particular locality, be clear about which Lady you are calling on!


La na Caillich– essay on Tairis

Latha na Cailiche– Brian Walsh


An Cailleach Bhearra– on Tairis blog, about her possible Irish connections to the spring equinox

Naomi J has also done a lot of research and devotional work with Baoi/an Cailleach Bhearra, the goddess of the Beara peninsula in Ireland. 30 Days of Deity Devotion posts.

Some polytheist alternatives to St. Patrick’s Day have been proposed-

Hero feast for Cu Chulainn– PSVL (pronounced cuh hull-linn) Look thru the Cu Chulainn tag for further ideas.

My personal idea is to honor the sovereignty goddesses Eriu, Banba and Fodla, specifically Eriu, for whom Eire is named.

Ruadhan, a Boetian polytheist of British & Irish descent, honors Britannia & Hibernia, the Roman national personifications of Britain and Ireland. Though they have been adopted by the natives and Hibernia is also various called Eriu, Kathleen ni Houlihan etc. He even wrote a myth explaining their origins.

In another post he notes: “One thing that I regret not posting about this year is my ritual and prayer for my re-envisioning of Shrove Tuesday as Pancake Feast of Britannia and St. Patrick’s Day as Bacon & Cabbage Feast of Hibernia.” I’m always interested in seeing creative polytheist alternatives to St. Patrick’s Day- or for that matter interesting spiritual takes on any secular holiday. (just yoinked that from my post on Tutelary Goddesses)

and here’s PSVL’s thoughts on Hibernia

Other people honor deities and spirits they associate with this time of year, if it’s more springy in your area, that might be Angus Mac Og and his swan-maiden lover, Caer Ibormeith.


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Favorite “C” PBP Posts

Cailleachan by Leithin Cluan- writes on a group of weather/winter land spirits/goddesses in Irish and Scottish folklore, Cold & the Cailleach by Aiwelin

Calendars- Kylara:  “I am fascinated by Calendars, which I find slightly ironic because I am horrible with time!” Jack-a-Dreams (Narnian saints’ days? Inquiring minds want to know.) Crossroads Forests writes a revision of her personal calendar.

Candlemas: Migdalit Or notes that she, like many other Pagans she’s known had trouble connecting with Imbolc/Candlemas but it “grew” on her. Domestic Witch has basic info as well as a recipe for bread and a simple candle ritual. Nice song shared by Amy Phillipson.

Celtic Languages- Secular Witchcraft

Changing the Directions– Book of the Eucalypt writes on adapting Wiccan directional associations to one’s geography.  I don’t typically call directions in ritual but I have been thinking about the relevance of Irish directional associations (as in Settling at the Manor of Tara)

Charity- Excellent post by the Helpful Hacker explaining how to examine charities & non-profits to make sure they are using your donations effectively and are in line with you values.

Charge of the God- lovely poem by Ooh Chiara about Herne the Hunter

Christianity- nice to see a moderate and cool-headed approach to an overheated subject

Choices– Conor/Under the Owl’s Wing

Coming Out of the Broom Closet- Perspective from a German Hexen (witch) in English.

Community- Shanda-ism discusses community-building as a Nebraskan Witch, Hakea on her many attempts at finding Pagan community (I truly empathize!) and Allec.

Compassion- Pixilated Path/Isleen Here’s a message we all can use!

Confidence- Echtrai writes that part of being a Gaelic Polytheist means having an attitude of confidence.

Cosmology/Cosmogony- Valenwitch’s poetic meditation on the Norse creation myth

Courage- by Wytchfawn ” The virtue of fortitude is sorely lacking in modern people, and this is true of the Pagan community as well. There are so many hangups in explaining UPG or new research sources, a fear of being ‘wrong’ can cripple a person’s spiritual journey; stagnating growth.”

Cu Chulainn- Scathcraft (in French- Google translation link on site) Lugaid makes plans to honor him on March 17- instead of St. Patrick

Cultural Appropriation- Anonywitch “How do we, as eclectic pagans, borrow from and interact respectfully with cultures not our own? More specifically, how do I, as a white western woman, worship Kali without offending Hindus?”

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