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ADF Blogs

I used to have a giant list of ADF member blogs- OK here’s a new one. Some of the same people are listed on my regular blogroll in the Celtic/Druid section, but this gives you more information.

Like I’ve done with the 30 Days of Deity Devotion, I’m sorting them into whether the person has finished their dedicant program, is currently working on it, or has a lapsed journal- (this says nothing of their status as a member or student) I’ll keep those in case they get revived. (Not judging anyone I’ve bounced back and forth with my own journaling and dedicant studies myself!)  Also noted are the person’s spiritual interests and possibly their Grove. Date given is when journal was last updated.

If you have a ADF-oriented journal or website you’d like added, or want to make a correction, please comment.

ADF Groves/Proto-groves

Garry Oak Protogrove, serving the area of Vancouver Island & Lower Mainland British Columbia, Canada

ADF Members- General List

Cardinal & Locust– Three Cranes Grove, Columbus, OH

Living Liminally– Morgan Daimler, ADF, Troth, Order of White Oak, author of many cool books!

Sage & Starshine– Sage, a founder of Clann Bhride devotional group, UU et al

Current Dedicants/Finished Dedicant Blogs

Druidess Spider– Amber of Columbia PG, Portland, Oregon

Druiding it Up– Cat Heath- Germanic & Celtic

Endless Erring– Norse focus, a lover of nature & science

In a Hawk’s I– Jennifer, Hellenic (finished DP)

Shelley in the Rain– Gaelic-Heathen

A Sacred Way– current blog is at Nature is Sacred (not sure if this person is still in ADF)

Walking the Forest

Wings of Sight

Dedicant and Beyond

At the Sign of the White Hart– Kevin, SW Ontario, Welsh focus

Ditzy Druid– GreyCatSidhe- Initiate, Artisan, Grove Organizer of Northern Rivers PG in New York

Druid’s Cosmos– Victoria, also a UU, working on Initiate Program

Grey Wren’s Flight– Kristin

Hazel & Rowan– Caer is a druid, witch and warrior, member of an ADF grove in Canada

Inspirational Vision & Memory– Chelly

Pagan Grove– Molly Khan- Prairie Shadow PG Nebraska, see also her blog at Patheos, Heathen at Heart


By Fire, Well & Sacred Tree– Rev. Davin Mac Lugh  Grove Organizer of Cottonwood River PG in CA

Ceisiwr Serith

Chronarchy– Rev. Michael J. Dangler’s website Interests: Gaulish, Vedic, Discordianism

Dandelion Lady– Rev. Melissa Hill, also see her Patheos blog Dandelion Seeds

Dragon’s Keep Farm– Rev. Skip Ellison, ArchDruid Emeritus, Muin Mound Grove, NY

Druid in the Swamp– Rev. Lauren- Priest of Nine Waves PG in South Houston, Texas

Druid Kirk– Rev. Kirk Thomas,  ArchDruid Emeritus

*Ghosti– Rev. Robert Lewis’ website

Into the Mound– Rev. Ian Corrigan, ArchDruid Emeritus writes about magical practice in a Celtic polytheist context

Journeys: Thoughts from a Druid Path– Current ArchDruid Jean Pagano

Mad Trad– Bryan Perrin

Mists to Open, Mists to Bind– Jan Avende, Hellenic

Lapsed Journals

Book of Sassafras– Earrach of Pittsburgh (now in the Halls of the Ancestors!)

Ozark Pagan Mamma– Tressabelle shares all kinds of awesome Pagan parenting, ritual & craft ideas, and runs a protogrove in Arkansas

Pagan Church Lady– Laine, ADF Heathen, seidh-worker

Yew, Oak & Apple– 2017 August Excellent poetry & myth retellings

Treasure in Barren Places– Leithin Cluan, Gaelic Polytheist & OBOD-  2017 June

Bright Fire & Deep Well– 2016 Mirage

Witch of the Mountain Path– 2015 Dec

Bull-headed Follower of a Bull God– 2015 Oct

Dragonfly Musings– 2014 Aug

Homegrown Heathen– 2014 May

Ballad of Eira Silversage– 2013 Nov A Canadian transplanted to Australia

Druid Song– 2013 Nov, Along the Forest Road– June 2014 (same person

River Brighid– 2013 Nov

Under Sun & Shadow– 2013 April, Anglo-Saxon

Jacki Moss– 2013 Feb

Glynis Hawthorn– 2013 Feb Stone Creed Grove

Green Lion– 2013 Jan


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Which Witch-y Niche Shall I Pitch?

So this isn’t a for sure thing yet, but Anne Newkirk Niven of Witches & Pagans has asked me to blog for their website. I just need to come up with a main topic/theme to write about. She was up front with me that it’s not a paid gig, they just ask for at minimum a monthly post- but I will get a subscription to the magazine, which is probably more than I would get writing for Patheos- though I could certainly write for both. I started a Patraeon account, but haven’t made the “pitch” video for it yet,  as I could use some tech help with it (I am sure with my geeky social network, I can find *someone* to help with that! I’d like to get that set up if/when my column on W & P launches. I am also looking at how other bloggers use Patraeon to get an idea of how to use it. And in addition to blogging I do other types of unpaid work in the community (like serving on the Bisexual Organizing Project board) so this is way for people who appreciate my work to give back.

So here’s my idea that I pitched to Anne in an e-mail-

“I’m still thinking of a title and description, but I’m thinking of doing a blog that is about neurodiversity and how it relates to Paganism- I’ll talk about how to adapt practices to different learning styles, be inclusive of people with different kinds of “mental wiring” (AD/HD, autism, dyslexia etc) even how particular mythic & historic roles and archetypes- like witch, seer, trickster/fool, bard can be incorporated into a personal path. I follow a Druid/Heathen path, but I reach a broad audience with my blog, and get feedback from people of many different backgrounds, so I can create content that will be accessible to the diverse needs of Witches & Pagans.”

Other ideas: Paganism in interfaith/multicultural contexts, queer spirituality, the Approaching Paganism series..

I haven’t heard back from her yet, but I just was communicating with her yesterday, and she’s understandably a busy lady. (There are only 3 staff working for BBI Media!) So in the meantime my dear readers let me know if you have any suggestions.

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Moderation Policy in Progress

Welcome Comments-

  • Adding to the conversation in a polite, civil manner
  • Polite corrections of misinformation and additional information that may be helpful
  • Bringing in a different perspective- folks from other countries, regions, religious, political views, life experiences etc. are encouraged to comment
  • Asking questions to clarify and learn
  • Constructive criticism

Not Welcome Comments

  • Derailing a conversation by inserting an unrelated topic, or a related one that distracts from what I’m actually talking about in my post. Want to talk about Israel/Palestine, abortion or whatever else is your pet topic? Write on your own blog!
  • Bigotry and bashing of People Not Like You (racism, sexism, transphobia, classism, (dis) ableism etc.)
  • Playing “devil’s advocate“- First off, do you even know what that means? You’re probably not even doing it!
  • Trying to convince me of an ideology (religious or secular) that’s clearly opposed to what I have discussed here.
  • I discuss matters of sexuality at times. This is not a invitation for questions about my sex life, and I am not a sex therapist or sex advice columnist.

We Can Talk About It If Everyone Stays Calm!

  • Please read carefully- I do a lot of comparisons between different groups, and discuss overlaps between different groups, and make *qualified* generalizations about particular groups- I try to say “Some, not all, there is a correlation between X and Y” and so forth, so please watch for that before getting offended.
  • I use reclaimed words like Pagan, Heathen and queer, I also use identity-first disability language, at least for groups that I belong to (like autistic or Aspie rather than person with autism or Asperger’s.) If you don’t care for those terms yourself (or for your loved ones) that’s fine, but please respect my own choices of language and I will respect yours.
  • I share tips and suggestions about coping with traits of autism and mental illness based on my own experiences, and what I’ve observed from other people but please remember I am not a mental health professional.
  • If you are a minor (under 18 and not emancipated) or a “vulnerable adult” and talking to me about Stuff on the Internet that Might Upset Your Parents/Guardians- not so much on this blog since it’s public, but on e-mail and Facebook, please remember that this could result in legal consequences for me “corrupting minors” and that sort of stuff. And I want y’all to be safe. I like the “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” philosophy, but I also understand there are dangerous people both offline and online. If I find out you are a minor, I will end any private communication with you unless you get parental or guardian approval.

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A Couple Blog-Round-tables

For a while, I’ve known about the Kemetic Round Table, a group of bloggers that share/respond writing prompts about Kemetic Reconstructionism/Revivalism- that is Egyptian. Though not Kemetic myself, I appreciated the idea of open discussion that welcomes people of differing views within the same religion, or spiritual spectrum- there are folks who participate who are not recon, but honor Egyptian deities.

Their current topic is- What about modern priesthood? What does being a priest mean in the modern era?

Deadline March 18th, 2015 Be sure that your post is tagged #Kemetic Round Table.
We look forward to your responses!

So I was pleased to see that there is now also a Celtic Round Table (which makes me think of King Arthur!) Like KRT, it welcomes both beginners and experienced practitioners from throughout the Celtic polytheist umbrella. They are also on Tumblr here.

The March topic will be: What, if anything, is your view of the afterlife? How much of this view comes from mythology? Entries should be submitted or tagged by March 28. #celticroundtable and #celtic round table

Another one is for Pagans of any flavor with non-binary gender identities such as: agender, genderqueer, demigender, neutrois etc. Non-Binary Mysteries #NBMysteries

“This month’s theme is Solar and Lunar Symbolism.

Optional questions to answer:

Who are the sun/moon deities that make most sense to you? Are they even from your tradition?

What bugs you most about the way solar/lunar symbology is constructed or described?

Do you have sun/moon UPG that integrates your identity?

If you don’t work with or honor sun/moon deities/energies at all, why not?

What does your solar/lunar magic look like? How much of it did you have to build by yourself from the ground up?

Responses will be collected on March 31st.”

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Additional Blog for My Tours and Other Talents

Hey folks- I have created an additional blog- Autistic Celt (one c) for more professional purposes so as to promote my tours with Erik’s Ranch & Retreats, an organization that provides employment and housing opportunities for adults with autism. One of my tours is focused on Irish culture in St. Paul, we go on a tour of the St. Paul Cathedral and then to O’Gara’s pub and sing songs there. I also give tours of the Pantages and State Theatres in Minneapolis. There’s always more I want to share with my tour-goers about life with autism, and Irish and Scottish culture. This is my only paid gig currently, and Erik’s Ranch has many other things on its plate so I decided to be more proactive in promoting it, as well as discuss my other talents and interests. I will probably cross-post things of interest to folks here, but post things that are mostly about the tours there.

I previously was blogging about disability/autism issues at Mariah’s Musings but in addition to my dislike of how blogger works, it also came to my attention that it is not accessible to blind folks using screen-readers, which to me defeats the point of blogging about disability issues! I am starting to move/copy posts from there to Autistic Celt.

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Thou Shalt Accept Every Identity as Valid

Minds Are Like Parachutes: They Only Function When Open

Don’t Open Your Mind So Wide That Your Brain Falls Out.

Look, I like to think of myself as a very open-minded person. Partly because I kind of need to be, or I’d be a giant hypocrite.  But there’s a certain point where in following those two personal mottoes listed above, I have to shut my mind before my brain falls out. I don’t follow the Sacred Internet Social Justice Community Commandment that Every Identity is Valid.

I’d heard about the phenomenon of “transabled” people who identify as having a disability that they don’t have. They’ve been around for years- known as “Wannabes”  but now have come out of the woodwork more by riding on the coattails of the transgender movement. I wasn’t too worried about it, because I thought that one thing the disparate disability communities were united on was against this nonsense.

Then I just saw an article about blindness being commented upon by a “transblind” person, posted on Lydia Brown’s autism blog. This disturbed me, because Lydia is a really awesome autistic writer and activist, and her voice is pretty prominent.

I commented – “I am confused by this- I’m severely near-sighted (as in I have to be very careful where I put my glasses or I’ll have to grope for them) I could be considered “legally blind” but with my glasses I am fully sighted. Is this the sort of reason someone might identify as “transblind”? In that case I could understand, though I wouldn’t call myself that. I don’t have the experiences that blind people have. From what I understand there are some non-disabled people mainly on Tumblr that identify as “transdisabled”. I’m surprised you’re promoting this viewpoint, Lydia. Would you think appropriate for a non-autistic person to call themselves “transautistic”? I am concerned about disrespect for both transgender and disabled communities.”

After that I noticed, that indeed at the bottom of Lydia’s blog was a long list of identities that she states support and inclusion for, and “transabled” was one of them. I respected her choice, even if I was disappointed by it, it had already been made, and it was her blog.

A little more on the broader phenomenon:

Why “Transabled” Is Bull

Responding to Attacks on Disabled from Transabled, Devotees, BIID

Pretending You’re Oppressed: the New Internet Fad

Dear Demi-Sexual, Trans Abled, Trans Ethnic, Trans Fat and Other Fakers

(I do take exception to the demisexual part- will discuss below)

“This is what happens when discussion of oppression gets divorced from discussion of the power structures and status quo preserving practices that generate the oppression. Once you eliminate discussion of which groups hold power, you can transform any incidence of feeling alienated into an identity. Therefore socially empowered groups are feel free to appropriate the struggles of the people they dominate by focusing on any and all passing similarities between them rather than on actual exchanges of power.”- Comment on Womanist Musings, Jamie Laplain

Western industrialized societies are very individualistic- this makes it very hard for us to think about oppression and domination in systemic ways. Hence all the emphasis on privilege checklists and people writing mini-biographies about how they experience privilege. Then it all focuses on guilt and blame, and avoiding guilt and blame, shifting it onto someone else, another oppressor, without truly critiquing the system and coming up with constructive ways of transforming it. Instead people accuse each of not being aware enough of their privileges and are lectured that their good intentions are never enough. To be a Real Activist, you have to be familiar with an ever-changing list of terminology, and the words included and how they are defined and who can use them seems to vary by individual opinion. So you’d better get it right the first time!

Granted, there is apparently a real (if rare) disorder called Body Integrity Identity Disorder that causes people to feel as if limbs or other parts of their bodies are not really part of their bodies. If untreated, some of them try to injure themselves. These people definitely need help, and I don’t want to stigmatize them if they have a real disorder. But we should not use this as a reason to accept the entire “transabled” identity category. We need to take our society’s distorted ideas about disability, the body and sexuality into account.  I will also say that we all deserve the right to have some healthy skepticism towards the psychiatric establishment. They have made many mistakes in the past and they will continue to do so, especially considering their relationship with Big Pharma.

I am concerned that on the one hand, we are aiding and abetting people with untreated mental disorders.  It also infuriates me to see people using wheelchairs when they don’t need them, while other people who need wheelchairs or other adaptive equipment can’t afford them.  We have fought long and hard to demonstrate that people with disabilities merit equal treatment and public accommodations, and we still have a long road ahead of us on that. But we constantly get questioned “Do you really need that accommodation, or that adaptive equipment?” You can do this or that if you just tried harder, we are told. We always seem to be too disabled, or not disabled enough to be “worth” helping.

I’m also concerned that the influence of academia, and the constant search for unique research topics may have conveniently given an open platform for transabled folks into the disability studies field. Postmodern theorists with a thing for “constructed” identities would just lap this up.

Maybe some of these transabled folks have a special empathy for us. Maybe they’re curious about us. Maybe they didn’t get to know us enough when we were kids, because we were separated from them and so they became fascinated. If that is the case, I would ask them to grateful for all things your body and mind can do. And I would invite them to embrace their non-disabled bodies and minds and realize that they are still beautiful and unique, I shouldn’t have to tell them that since society tells them that everyday, but hey extra affirmation, why not. And I would further invite them to join as allies in the fight for disability rights. Because most of us, will at some point in our lives become disabled- hence the term “Temporarily Able Bodied”.


Now, I will take exception to the inclusion of demisexuals in this list of “faker” identities. A demi-sexual is a person who is only sexually attracted to people with whom they have a deep emotional connection, they are not (or rarely) sexually attracted to strangers and brief acquaintances. I know about this as I’ve been reading about asexuality, and demisexuality is considered part of the broader definition of the asexual spectrum. If this concept helps some people make sense of their sexuality and helps them great. The biggest problem demisexuals and asexuals face is simply invisibility. Society doesn’t realize they exist, and some of them grow up being confused when they don’t have the feelings that other people around them do. The main way these folks are being oppressed is when they are pressured into romantic/sexual behavior that they do not want to engage in. This is a problem for people of all sexualities and genders, and I really don’t think that the GLBTQ+++ communities need to worry about asexual folks “stealing their movement thunder” so to speak.

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Favorite “M” Pagan Blog Project Posts

Catching up on some major backlog!


Midsummer’s Light– Magickal Pen- lovely poem and reflection on the Solstice!


Mara & Modesty– Book of Mirrors- one of things I enjoy about PBP is all the different perspectives- this person worships Mara, a goddess from the Skyrim video game universe. This may seem silly but if you read it, you can see the sincerity and devotion she feels. (Note: there’s also a Latvian goddess by that name, not sure if there’s a connection..)

Mother Nature– Blue Crow- comparative myth & commentary about earth mother figures- I liked this comment: “Note to all you people who called our earth Gaia: that’s the Greek pantheon. Why pick one name out of the air and use it to name our living world, yet give no consideration to the rest of the Greek deities?  You aren’t Greek, you aren’t in ancient times, you don’t follow those gods and goddesses, so why? New agers, pfft! It’s all very well having a varied path, finding pieces of many threads to weave your own path but come on! If you’re going to make things up, why not call Her Sheila or another name lol?  Or how about just Mum?”

Meretseger– Fluid Morality writes about a lesser known Egyptian cobra goddess

Multiple Gods with the Same Focus– Kylara’s Musings

Morning Glory Zell: America’s Priestess– Book of the Eucalypt- a beautiful tribute to an amazing woman!

Male Familiars in Disney Films– Hedged Paths- I suppose it’s debate-able how “pagan” this really is, but the Disney geek in me couldn’t resist!

Sacred Objects, Symbols etc.

Masks– Kylara’s Musings- nice little essay on the uses and meanings of masks, Broom with a View also writes about masks.

Moldavite– Super-Duper Space Witch- interesting info about a stone I’ve never heard of!


What is a Mystery Religion? the Broom Closet explains

Masonry/Co-Masonry– Set-jataset Masonry actually reminds me a lot of UUism, though with more mysticism and ritual. So if you’re a UU looking for a mystery tradition, that’s one way to go. “On a personal level, members are encouraged to raise their personal value without dogma and as a whole, members are encouraged to unite together to converse about theosophy and spirituality whilst respecting each other’s personal differences.” Also founders of this particular order were involved in French women’s suffrage!


Moontime– In Librarius Venefica- While I’ve never been especially interested personally in the spiritual aspects of menstruation, I’m all for finding more positive ways of viewing/experiencing it!

Morning Ritual– Book of the Eucalypt I always find it interesting to see regional variations on the directions.

Mandrake & Bear– Love by the Moon- poetic writing about experiences with Mandrake ointment

Minimalism– Serpent’s Labyrinth- after painful experiences of losing many of his spiritual items, Nornoriel learns to make do with very little.

M is Not for Muggle, Experiential Pagan and Kitchen Witch Musings both write on this. Honestly I’ve used that term jokingly, and I’ve seen other folks do so as well, but I haven’t really seen people seriously use it. Technically I am a Muggle, not being a magic-user! Now, I could see using it for non-Harry Potter fans…

Motivation– Fluid Morality

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Disability Blog Projects

 Blog Against Disablism Day- this was for May 1st– this is nicely organized by topic- like Education, Employment, Language issues etc.

Words I Wheel By: June Disability News/Blog Round-up 4

Another great collection of posts/news articles

Lessons from My Failed Project as an Able-Bodied Ally This post caught my eye- and I tried commented on it but it wouldn’t let me!  It’s a reflection from a teacher of developmentally disabled students in a young adult transition program. I found I could relate to a lot both as an autistic person who’s continued on better understanding and helping other folks with autism and other disabilities, and as a person who experiences other types of privilege- it reminds me a lot of my journey attempting to be a white anti-racist ally.

My fellow blogger Rose is a novelist and fan-fiction writer, and she’s been working on a collaborative project called “Redefining Disability” which promotes better representation of people with disabilities in the media. I highly recommend that series- I don’t know why, but for some reason all too often when “diversity” is discussed, disability is left out. Anyway, she is now asking people to discuss their own experiences with disability (including people who have friends/family with disabilities) in the Redefining Disability Awareness Challenge.

This was also inspired by 30 Days of Mental Illness Awareness Challenge. Not sure if I should be signing up for more blog challenges!

I have caught up with the Pagan Blog Project, though I still need to go back and fill in a few letters.

Via that blog, I found the Mental Health Writer’s Guild– a blogging community of people whose blogs discuss mental health issues. By writing openly about our experiences with mental illness and disability, we bring out of the closet, out of the stigma and into the light. This brings hope to people who feel ashamed of the challenges they face. It is up to each individual how much they wish to reveal about themselves.

Also found- Blog For Mental Health 2014

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Wow! I am at 116 followers now! I was going to mention this when I got to 100 but forgot! I would like to thank folks for your interest and support. I am intrigued by the variety of subjects and viewpoints that my different followers cover. All too often we only stick to talking with, and reading viewpoints we agree with, it’s nice to see some folks branching out, and I like to do the same.

Cassandra Rose Arthur– among those classified as “conservative” I tend to get along better with libertarians- they tend to be more well-read, have better critical thinking skills and a unique view, even if I disagree. Cassandra writes about a variety of topics from politics to music.

Disciple’s Perspective– Looks like he has a series about explaining why women should not serve in the military or in the police force, (he is a police officer) based on Biblical principles. While I’ve heard of verses being used to support women not taking leadership positions (etc.) I haven’t heard arguments for combat exclusion from a Biblical standpoint.

“The objection that women are essential to the police force is false. The men get the job done very well. The areas where it seems that female officers are vital can be outsourced to civilians. There is no excuse; so why are we sending our daughter’s into combat like a bunch of pagans and misogynists? Policewomen are never ‘needed’ in society.” Whoa, dude slow down, say what? Well, I’ll leave that to the Christian feminists!

To balance this out, we have Hessian with Teeth going thru the Bible, chapter by chapter and explaining how they (2 writers) disagree with it.

Better Not Broken– a survivor of domestic abuse discusses her experiences and advocates for women’s rights and education about abuse.

Let Yourself Learn– Katie Spero, writes inspirational self-help posts with it looks like A Course in Miracles and other influences- and feminism!

The Real England– blog written by an American expat named Cassidy Clay related to a book called “Stuff They Won’t Include on Any Tourist Guide: the Real England” I feel like there is a lot of classism going on in this blog/book, needless shaming of people who were born into poverty that while they may not have made good choices (drugs, crime) may have a learned sense of helplessness and lack of hope. I am not entirely naive about this- I went to an inner city high school in the U.S.

Crafted in Carhartt– nifty crafting website

Attenti al Lupo– blog in Italian with some English about social justice issues.

Jen Keller– autism mom blog

Note: I am not going review every blog that follows me- there are some that seem like they are commercial/blog-promoting websites those I won’t bother with, I will have a couple other posts for pagany blogs and geeky blogs.

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Blog Project Updates

Ivy Vine at Polytheism Without Borders has graciously agreed to re-post some of my writing on their blog, starting with ‘Nuff Polytheist Street Cred. Check out their site for other interesting essays on polytheism, and their forum– which could use some more action!

I’m impressed with myself that I’ve managed stay on top of the Pagan Blog Project (it helps that my work schedule gives me a lot of free time!) I feel I’m not really connecting with the Cauldron Blog Project, but I’d like to try the 30 Days of Deity Devotion meme (original link here) for Fionn Mac Cumhaill- technically a hero, but hero-cults are a rather neglected aspect of modern paganism. I am typing up notes from a book about him I read back in college called “Wisdom of the Outlaw” and will be using that material a lot. This will not be a continuous 30 days, but as with PBP I’ll try to write at least once a week. I’m interested to see what others are writing for this project, so I have made a list here of participants. Please comment if you would like to be added, and I will add you after you actually post a couple times. You can also come back and write about another deity if you like.

I have also added links on the Blog Challenge page to a couple others, 30 Days of Druidry and a devotional polytheist meme that is for  spiritual practitioners more advanced than myself.

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