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Support These Awesome Artists this Black Friday!

Like John Beckett and many others I am pretty fed up with the holiday consumer frenzy that’s coming up. But many of us still will be purchasing gifts, I recommend that we try to support Pagan & polytheist artists & artisans, and people of other communities that could use support- businesses owned by people of color, women (of all colors/orientations) people with disabilities, GLBTQ folks, stay at home parents (or other caretakers) who are trying to earn some extra money and so forth. (Many of the folks I’m recommend fall into more than one of these categories)

Nornoriel Lokason has just created several beautiful labyrinth necklaces, rune pendants and other goodies can be found at Nornoriel’s House of Elf Swag on Etsy. His e-books can be found there, and he also does astrological charts!┬áPost about Black Friday specials here.

Ruadhan J. McElroy has 2 Etsy shops- Nocturnal Spirits, selling his paintings, Hellenic alphabet divination tiles, a Boetian calendar and other items of pagan & polytheist interest and Odd Mod Out, selling buttons/pins- with musical, GLBTQ, political and Pagan/polytheist themes

Dver, a spirit-worker & devotional polytheist, has a Yule sale going on at her Goblinesquerie shop. She has also written several books, and offers other services such as divination and book design & formatting of self-published books.

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus- founder of Ekklesia Antinou- a modern revival of the cult of Antinous- the deified lover of Emperor Hadrian, is a talented prolific writer, scholar and teacher. I admit I have not yet read any of eir books, but have been reading eir posts and articles for years and learning a lot. Info about books and other ways you can support work can be found here.

Nimue Brown is a British Druid whose writing I also greatly enjoy. She has written several novels as well as non-fiction about Druidry and Paganism.

Beth Wodandis runs Fiberwytch, an Etsy shop selling ritual cords, jewelry and candles, often devoted to specific Norse or other deities.

Alley Valkyrie, sells hand-printed T-shirts, bags, and fabric wall decor at Practical Rabbit

Anyone else I’m forgetting? Please comment and I’ll be happy to add.


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