Celtic / Druid Organizations

Celtic Polytheist & Druid Organizations

International/Online accessible

Ar nDraiocht Fein pan-Indo-European polytheism (membership is largely Celtic & Norse in focus)

Gaol Naofa– Group practicing Falachas, Gaelic Polytheism

Ord na Darach Gile: Order of the White Oak– Reconstructionist Druids, led by author Ellen Evert Hopman

Local, Independent Groups

Tribe of the Oak, CR Druid grove in Massachusetts (online study as well)

Ceili Sidhe Tradition– Irish focus, inclusive of recon and non-reconstructionists. Circle in Toronto, Canada

Sylvan Celtic Fellowship- Lincolnton, North Carolina– inclusive of all Celtic spiritual paths

Comhaltacht na nGaedheal: Cairdreabh nan GĂ idheal– Fellowship of the Gaels (first in Irish, second in Scottish) based in Massachusetts


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