Queer/Disability Resources

(Work in Progress!)


Articles: Research

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender College Students with Disabilities: A Look at Multiple Cultural Minorities (PDF)

Articles: Personal Accounts

Coming Out As..Disabled
” Yet while I have never tried to pass as straight, I do try to pass as nondisabled. When people tell me I don’t look disabled, I’m glad. I think of it as a compliment. While I easily reject the negative associations with being queer, I can’t do the same with being disabled.”

Articles: News

White House Forum Takes on LGBT and Disability issues, with a dose of pop culture

Identities: Bisexual

We Exist: Intersectional In/Visibility in Bisexuality and Disability

Autism, Learning, Developmental Disabilities

Physical Disabilities

Chronic Health Conditions

Deaf & Blind




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