30 D-D-D Participants

I haven’t found a central list of participants on any website- so here is one- with the name of the blog, followed by the deity, the culture  and how far they’ve gotten/when last updated. I’m not bothering listing blogs that only post the list of prompts. There’s a lot of those.  There are more out there, but some folks have not clearly tagged them as “30 days of deity devotion” which makes it harder to find. They are in order of how I found them.  I am also not making judgments about what “counts” as a deity. I also started a thread about it on The Cauldron Forum. There is also a thread on Polytheism Without Borders.


Ridiculously Reverent- Indra (Hindu/Vedic)

2  How to Believe in Santa Again

Seeking Imbas– Nuada (Irish Gaelic)

4 Fiercely Bright One (Aset/Isis- all in one post)

5 Moon in Libra– Hestia (Greek)

6 Paganista- La Loba (archetypal Wolf goddess)

7 Druid’s Well- Wayland the Smith (Anglo-Saxon)

8 Leithin Cluan- Cailleach Bheara

9 Order in the Quartz- Forseti (Norse)

10 By Her Fires– Hecate (Greek)

11 Flight of the Hamsa- Saraswati (Hindu)

12 Polytheist’s Ramblings- Demeter, Hephaistos, Hera, Poseidon, Zeus,

13 Horn & Hearth- Holle (German)

In the Works

1 Waincraft- Each of the Getting to Know the Powers posts answers all of the questions (Pan-European UPG-based) Earth, Water, Sky, Wildness, Rain, Blood, Winter,

2 Aine Llewellyn- The Clarene (Otherfaith)

3 The Lure of Beauty- Oshun, Freyja

Echtrai- Lugh  (Irish Gaelic)

Lomaz- Frijj Birkijoniz (Proto-Germanic- UPG- based) 4th Jan 2014


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  • 1. Blog Project Updates | The Lefthander's Path  |  February 28, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    […] once a week. I’m interested to see what others are writing for this project, so I have made a list here of participants. Please comment if you would like to be added, and I will add you after you actually post a couple […]

  • 2. tanisharose  |  June 1, 2014 at 10:11 am

    I’m doing this on thelureofbeauty.wordpress.com for Freyja.

  • 3. lornasmithers  |  September 20, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    Hi Caelesti, it’s possible I might contribute to this project in the future. I think it could be an invaluable resource for polytheists wanting to find out more about both facts about deities and people’s personal experiences and relationships with them. I’d be interested to hear how it started up and who started it. Is there an official page?

    • 4. caelesti  |  September 22, 2014 at 8:13 am

      Yes, I think so too. I was doing one on Fionn Mac Cumhaill but my ADHD brain wandered away…so many ideas & projects! I actually didn’t start this, someone on Tumblr whose Tumblog now seems to be deleted. There’s no “deadline” on this, you can just do it when you want, and more than once if you want.


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