Get In or Get Out: Side-Line Commentators Do More To Hinder Than Help

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“Who I am criticizing are the people who are not Heathens, who do not want anything to do with Heathenry, yet seek to either influence Heathen organizations or otherwise condemn the actions of a minority as representative of the majority. These people, whether Pagans or not, whether reconstructionists or Wiccans, or anyone else, who sit behind their keyboards on the Internet, spewing self-righteous vitriol and condemnation, lamenting the lack of action over this endemic issue while offering absolutely no reasonable alternatives and no initiative established to work against these ideologies are the people who I am critiquing.”

Source: Get In or Get Out: Side-Line Commentators Do More To Hinder Than Help

My thoughts- I admit as a non-Heathen (ADF Druid) I’ve been guilty of meddling in the affairs of Heathens- when I belonged to HUAR on Facebook, it seemed there was a core of urban, educated activists that were much too rigid about expecting everyone to be on board with highly academic social justice theories when people of all kinds of backgrounds came in being concerned about racism in Heathenry, they had their heads bitten off if they didn’t “fall in line”. As a Druid, I very much value the sovereignty of distinct communities and cultures and believe that change needs to come from within them. This is a value many other Pagans hold as well, but it seems to get lost when they become to set on forcing people into a metaphorical tent or umbrella that they don’t want to be in. It’s more like a big system of Venn diagrams- the Troth overlaps somewhat with the hippie core of Neo=Pagandom, even based on some of the founders like Diana Paxson. The AFA, not so much. That’s fine. Freedom of association is a thing. Make no mistake, I am definitely opposed to racism and all other forms of oppression. But I need to focus on cleaning up the dog-poop in my own backyard.


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