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I use this WordPress site as a website as well as a blog to organize useful information. But since most people mainly access it as a blog, I’ve taken to making the would-be web-pages as posts, then linking relevant ones together. Anyhow, I’ve changed the Celtic Polytheist Resources page to be nested in with a general Polytheist/Pagan resources page. One of my co-religionists is working on a Guide to Gaelic Polytheism resources blog, which she is looking for contributions to. The difference between my stuff and hers is we sometimes choose different resources to link to. Yes, it’s mostly links and book lists rather than original research, I’d rather not re-invent the wheel, especially when other folks have access to better research libraries than I do! I’m more interested in writing articles on my various specialty interests- adapting practices to modern, urban American settings, disability issues and so forth. I have also removed the page of Calls for Submissions for Pagan/polytheist/occult-related books, as I just haven’t been getting as many of them, but I did find a Facebook group dedicated to the subject, and will post updates of interest when I come across them. I have also added an FAQ page, which is still a work in progress.

Getting Started in Various Polytheistic Religions

ADF Member Blogs

Anglo-Saxon Heathen Blogs & Websites

Diversity-Friendly Heathen & Asatru Links

Celtic Polytheist Resources

Celtic Polytheism Online Discussion Groups

Hellenic Polytheist/Pagan Blogs


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Morrigan Irish Deities/Spirits

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