Bi/Trans/Queer Heathen/Asatru Links

July 7, 2015 at 1:20 am 7 comments

Heathen 101 info

Getting Started with Heathen Practice

Books for Getting Started

Books to Avoid

Being Queer-identified & Heathen- Safe Spaces– Nice essay, but it’s a little old, so some bad links. Hence this list.

Friendly Online communities

LGBTIQ+ Heathens

Queer Heathens– Facebook, closed group

ADF Heathenry

Heathenry & Northern Polytheism

Urglaawe– Pennsylvania Deitsch Heathenry (see also related Deitsch culture/language groups)

Lokeans & Allies Ice Cream Social– Loki’s peeps are typically very sexuality/gender diversity friendly!

Virtual Sessrumnir– for devotees of Freyja

Vanatru- the Vanic Way

Heathens Against Hate- Blog, Facebook

Circle Ansuz– anarchist Heathen group (I’m not an anarchist, but they have good info on far-right Heathen groups)

Heathens for Social Justice

An Actual Asatru Study Group

Historic/Cultural Info

Sex, Status & Seidr: Homosexuality & Germanic Religion by Diana Paxson

The Viking God Odin- A Queer God of War (Note: this article is about a book written from a gender studies/queer studies perspective rather than a religious/mythic studies one, but hey the author is Norwegian…)

An Examination of Gender in Viking Age Scandinavia

Nithing/Nidstang are Old Norse queerphobic slurs/concepts- don’t use them!

Modern Inspiration

Lofn’s Bard– modern inspired stories about Frigga’s court (all unmarried ladies…)

First Love– modern inspired story about Frey

Personal Essays

Heathenism & Being Queer

Transfeminist Politics of a Trans & Queer Heathen Anarchist

Not Recommended Spaces/Communities & How to Recognize/Avoid Unfriendly Groups/Individuals

Asatru & Heathenry Facebook group

Asatru Lore Forum

The Asatru Folk Assembly, Asatru Alliance (they publish Vor Tru magazine)

How to Spot a Racist/White Supremacist in the Heathen Community 101


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July Update Spiritual Specialists vs. General Practitioners

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  • 1. Redfaery  |  July 7, 2015 at 1:25 am

    Reblogged this on Flight of the Hamsa.

  • 2. We Bring The Fire  |  July 7, 2015 at 1:37 am

    Reblogged this on We Bring The Fire.

  • 3. caelesti  |  July 7, 2015 at 4:35 am

    Feel free to make suggestions for additions. There were a couple of cool articles about gender fluidity in medieval Scandinavia, but don’t have the links on hand. I need to do a little explanation of Heathenry/Asatru at the beginning, as I plan on posting this to general GLBT groups wherein people may be less familiar (or mostly aware of the not-so-friendly aspects…)

  • 4. lofnbard  |  July 7, 2015 at 5:33 am

    Thank you for linking to my Norse story blog. 🙂
    I’ve been getting to know and writing stories for Frigga’s Handmaidens since about 2010. My personal gnosis is that the following goddesses are queer: Frigga, Fulla, Lofn, Sjofn, Gna. For trans, look to Syn, the gatekeeper whose name means “Denial.”

  • 5. lofnbard  |  July 7, 2015 at 5:48 am

    Heathenry & Northern Polytheism
    Is an LGBTQA friendly group I am one of the moderators for. Not specifically for discussing queer issues, but welcoming of queers and honoring Jotnar such as Loki.

  • 6. Resource Page Updates | The Lefthander's Path  |  January 29, 2016 at 4:16 am

    […] Diversity-Friendly Heathen & Asatru Links […]

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