Getting Starting in Various Polytheisms

June 10, 2015 at 9:53 pm 7 comments

If you aren’t sure what tradition you will be following (or creating!) this is a nice way to compare things a bit before you dive head-first into something! Remember also, that polytheist and animist practice doesn’t have to be based on a particular cultural tradition- either historic or living. One example of a modern, polytheistic religion is the Otherfaith, involving worship of eight Gods and a multitude of spirits. Though I’m not a follower myself, I find it fascinating to watch the development of the Otherfaith, the reflection of human diversity in their Gods (or rather are we reflections of the Gods?) and my discussions with Other People has added a lot of insight in my own attempts at finding modern inspiration.


Book recommendations from Galina Krasskova- Resources for Beginners & Not-so-Beginners

A list with lots of resources- Pagan 101

Specific Traditions


Celtic Polytheism– My resource page, which I’m always adding to!

Hellenic Polytheism

Lykeia’s thoughts on setting up a Hellenic shrine

Roman Polytheism


Getting Started with Heathen Practice– Beth Wodandis’ guide to the basics

Natib Qadish- Canaanite polytheism

Setting up a Shrine

Daily Devotions How-to

Shanatu Qadistu- the Canaanite Sacred Year

Kemetic Polytheism (Egyptian)

Kemetic Starter Guide

Hinduism (not necessarily polytheist, but I consider it a “cousin” religion)

Super Simple Daily Puja


Minzoku Neo-Shinto– great introductory e-book about folk Shinto, this is also a great place to look for ideas on adapting polytheism to modern life

Shinto Resources

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ADF: Bridging the Gap Between Neo-Paganism & Polytheism Fellow White Liberals- We Created Rachel Dolezal

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