May Personal Update

May 6, 2015 at 7:27 am Leave a comment

  • Went to the May Day festival in Minneapolis, tabled for the Bisexual Organizing Project, had fun handing out Bi Pride/Ally stickers. Entertained myself by talking with the MRA (men’s rights activists) in the booth next to us. (Hey, even if I disagree with them, there wasn’t anything in their agenda that was anti-bi or anti-GLBTQ) I think I mostly confused them!
  • Have started a NeuroQueer Facebook group for the Upper Midwest– If you are not on Facebook but want to be connected, please e-mail me at caelesti AT gmail dot com. We’ll be planning workshops for next year’s BECAUSE and hopefully other GLBTQ and disability conferences and events.
  • There is also now a NeuroQueer book club, so people from any location can join, and we’ll be reading things that are either out of print/copyright or Creative Commons, so screen-reader accessible docs will be posted on the group. The reading for May is This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color Finish date May 26th. Oh! Upon a search apparently this is now back in print just this April! I’ll let them know and this may change our reading plans…
  • Going to the Northern Dawn Covenant of the Goddess Beltaine ritual on the 9th.
  • Scheduled my driver’s test for the 12th! Wish me luck!
  • There is an ADF Upper Midwest retreat in June, which I need to register for- I managed to convince Dan to come along!

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