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May Personal Update

  • Went to the May Day festival in Minneapolis, tabled for the Bisexual Organizing Project, had fun handing out Bi Pride/Ally stickers. Entertained myself by talking with the MRA (men’s rights activists) in the booth next to us. (Hey, even if I disagree with them, there wasn’t anything in their agenda that was anti-bi or anti-GLBTQ) I think I mostly confused them!
  • Have started a NeuroQueer Facebook group for the Upper Midwest– If you are not on Facebook but want to be connected, please e-mail me at caelesti AT gmail dot com. We’ll be planning workshops for next year’s BECAUSE and hopefully other GLBTQ and disability conferences and events.
  • There is also now a NeuroQueer book club, so people from any location can join, and we’ll be reading things that are either out of print/copyright or Creative Commons, so screen-reader accessible docs will be posted on the group. The reading for May is This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color¬†Finish date May 26th. Oh! Upon a search apparently this is now back in print just this April! I’ll let them know and this may change our reading plans…
  • Going to the Northern Dawn Covenant of the Goddess Beltaine ritual on the 9th.
  • Scheduled my driver’s test for the 12th! Wish me luck!
  • There is an ADF Upper Midwest retreat in June, which I need to register for- I managed to convince Dan to come along!

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Creating Devotions for Secular Events- Brainstorming

In theory, I believe there isn’t a strict separation between the holy and the mundane- to some degree there is, but the lines are blurry as with everything spiritual. I have been reading thoughts lately by Sannion, Galina and other folks about polytheistic devotion vs. social/political activism and where those lines should be drawn. I’m still sorting my thoughts out on this- as readers of this blog know, I see a commitment to social justice as a part of my spirituality. But I also strongly believe in separation of church and state, and don’t want one particular political dogma to be enforced in any of my religious groups. I will admit, I’m mostly an armchair philosophical polytheist with agnostic leanings (or vice versa?) and I keep meaning to motivate myself to become more spiritually active in spite of my doubts and my Sunday Christian background…it’s complicated.

Most of the community work I do is not explicitly religious- the groups I participate in may include Pagans, but of course we aren’t necessarily the same type of Pagan and we aren’t going to have prayers smack dab in the middle of a meeting! Being in a secular environment most of the time makes it difficult to stay in a spiritual frame of mind- I feel the need to go thru some type of paradigm shift!

But there are ways to incorporate your beliefs and even “sneak in” practices in secular settings without violating anyone else’s rights.

Pray, Meditate, Make an Offering before leaving to attend an event. You can also say a prayer- silently or aloud in some situations.

Arts & Music– if you are involved in planning an event that includes art and music, try to include themes, styles and topics that fit with your tradition or path but also fit with the mission and purpose of the event. There are tons of things that to me, have some type of spiritual association, that to other people will just seem like good music and art!

Nature– engaging with local elements of nature in some way and encourage eco-friendly practices (it could even be something as simple as bringing a potted plant as a centerpiece for a buffet) Think about the nature spirits, Gaia etc. as you do so.

Relating to People– practice values like hospitality in your relationships with others

Remembering History & Ancestors– Learn about the history of the organization, event, business, neighborhood, city etc. that you are working with. Incorporate positive aspects of that knowledge into your participation. Take into account negative aspects as you work for change/improvement and consider potential ripple effects on yourself and your community. (Wyrd/orlog if you are Heathen)

These are kind of vague, I realize but I am brainstorming here- I will work on making some specific suggestions by using examples of events that I attend myself in another post.

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