State of Mariah’s Life & Disability Networking

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The stuff at the top of my priority list currently is:

1) Getting ready for the BECAUSE Conference the weekend after next- trying to meet with the 2 other presenters to prep for the Neurodiversity/Bisexuality workshop we are doing. I can’t remember if I’ve discussed that here before. Well I now I have!

2) Cleaning up this house (because it needs it, and also I am trying to find a renter for the upstairs room) I am sick of  finding roommates thru the usual channels (Craigslist & sign on the street) after many bad experiences from both. We will this time for sure do criminal background checks. Since it is now me, Dan, and Dan’s brother living together it would be nice if we could get someone like-minded to have a more family-like environment.

3) Finding cleaning/household chore gigs, and networking with other disabled folks re: employment. I am starting out doing cleaning gigs for people I know, live in the neighborhood etc. Advertising to the general public on & such may not work as well yet, because those places assume you will have lots of experience as a “professional” (for Hestia’s sake, it’s cleaning, not accounting!) have a car and will be carting around your own cleaning materials. I do want to get my license, actually owning a car will necessarily have to come later. I may just do this temporarily, I just am really sick of the usual job-hunting routine and just want to frickin’ start earning money.

A) Gwyn-

Am doing a few things to network with other disabled folks. My friend/neighbor Claire (who I also clean for) connected me with Gwyn, a lady who has a brain injury who is looking for work. She said we seemed to have a lot in common. We’re planning on getting together next Thursday before the conference. It turns out she lives in a western suburb, so we’ll meet somewhere in Minneapolis.

B) Spectrum Connections-

Among my many meetups I belong to is one for teens/young adults on the autism spectrum & their families. They have social events throughout the metro (many of which I can’t get to!) but there is one coming up this Saturday in St Paul that I’m planning on going to.


There is a chapter of ADAPT (disability rights group) that meets monthly at a the Rondo Community Library close by in St Paul. I went to one of their meetings several months ago. They are doing good work, supporting legislation for increasing hours for state-funded PCAs, increasing pay for PCAs etc. Found out about this because one of the leaders is also in Take Action. Very cool, however I realized I mostly need to focus on my employment and some social support from other disabled peeps- in person not just online!

D)  Autism Society

I have in the past attended several Autistic Adult support groups that meet monthly. The Autism Society of MN’s office is close by, I can bike over there. They have a general support group which attracts many people from all across the metro. Even when they divide up into smaller groups in different rooms that focus on specific topics it still feels too crowded for the office. I like the Autistic women’s support group better, I think mostly because it is smaller and seems less whiny!

The Neurodiversity group which meets at a different location in St Paul (which I always have trouble finding!) coincides with Bi Salon (2nd Thursday of the month)

E) Autism Conference- the Autism Society of MN’s conference is later this month (after BECAUSE) I am probably not going. I have in the past attended & enjoyed it, right now I don’t feel like shelling out the money for it. Frankly it would feel like a bit of a let-down attending a conference run by non-autistic people after going to a bisexual conference run by bisexuals! Which we specifically planned to make affordable & accessible! I enjoy that feeling of empowerment. I don’t get that from the so-called “autism community”.


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