The New Left is Dying

April 2, 2015 at 12:54 am Leave a comment

The New Left is Dying

The Silents, some older Boomers

I grew up aspiring to heroes lofty heroes

Peaceniks, Freedom Riders, Civil Rights

Stonewall Smashers, Black Panthers

Most of them have sunk down from the sky

To the levels of humanity, flawed by bad trips, protests gone wrong, flags burned

Vietnam Vets rejected, Che Guevara resurrected

Lobbyists embarrassed by long-hair, peace signs and communes

Starting a War on Drugs to prove their loyalty

I wondered if most things they accomplished

Have come undone with doubt and greed and mistrust

Tearing us apart

My generation seems aimless, no unity of purpose

But was that unity of purpose for my elders, a myth?

Lost in digital mists, Craigslist trysts

Free Love feels like loneliness.

Having it all, baby and career, Sheryl Sandberg style

Seems like running all the time, no breath to catch

War on Poverty, Great Society, American Dream is no reality

We need grassroots solutions, not government programs

Companies loyal to communities, not just their stockholders

Whose America is it anyway?

Borrowed from our grandchildren. Water, air, soil, trees, creatures,

Roads, schools, libraries, military, prisons

My elders, pale elders, distant children of fallen Empires

They sold their heritage for land, for freedom, for the freedom and land of other human beings

Convinced for so long of this rightness, now waking up to the horror

What have we done to this land, to these people, and to ourselves?

Can we find redemption before we die, can we find a ray of hope?


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