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Note about Celtic Polytheism Resources Project

Over the years, I’ve read loads of good and bad info on Celtic traditions. I would like to help myself and others avoid re-inventing the wheel by collecting links on articles and posts on particular topics- for example specific deities, holidays etc. For the blog posts I am focusing on ones that cite good sources, but I also am thinking of including sections that are more UPG (imbas/aisling) based, or on personal practice and modern adaptation.

I’ve started with Morgan Daimler’s blog, organized by topic for the years 2011-2012. Note that nothing weird and stalker-y is going on between me and her- she is a casual Facebook friend whom I respect, I haven’t met her in person, yada yada. She is also a Heathen, so Norse stuff is mixed in there too.

After I’ve made several of these with her blog, and other people’s, and websites, I’ll start making the resource posts, and will add links to the Celtic Polytheism Resource page. In particular, I’d like to get a resource page about Beltaine up in April, to help me and others plan their celebrations.

Special Notes: Please Do Not Plagiarize any of these fine folks’ content. Or my content for that matter. If you want to share the links on Tumblr/Facebook et al. feel free, just link back to me. If you want to quote someone or cite them as a source, then cool. Yes, you can do that with internet sources as well as print ones- Here is a website where you can put in the information, pick a citation format (MLA- or Modern Language Association is most commonly used in the United States) and then ta-da!

Even more awesome in addition to citing these folks, is buying their books, and writing and sharing reviews about them, so more people will buy their books! I have not bought or read any of Ms. Daimler’s books, though I plan to! I am now writing reviews for Moon Books (in return for free PDFs of said books) and she has published several with them, so perhaps at some point I will be reviewing something of hers. That reminds me I need to get those reviews done!


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Morgan Daimler Posts Organized by Topic 2011-2012


Faed Fiada- Deer’s Cry – Lorica Prayers (modern Irish Pagan’s Lorica)

Prayer for Protection (against a storm)

Prayer for Lunasa  (adapted) Modern Prayer for Lunasa

New Moon Prayer 2

Prayer for Imbas

Children’s Prayer before Sleep

Prayer for Sandy Hook victims


Baby Blessing

Pregnancy Folklore & Traditions– Irish (not a ritual, but since other life cycle stuff was here..)

Pregnancy & Birth in Norse Tradition

Modern Celtic House Blessing

Celtic Rites of Passage for Children/Young Adults

Posts about Spiritual Practice

Offerings & Sacrifice

Ritual Structure

Hear my Prayer

Living Reconstruction

With the Sun, or Against the Sun– about sun-wise movement in Celtic traditions

Gaelic Heathenry– how Morgan blends her two traditions

Connecting to my Ancestors

Sacred Tattooing

Modern Altars


Modern Ethics for a Modern Druid

Hospitality in a modern world

Living Honor

Kids & Faith (I think this can fall under piety…)


Celtic Folk Magic- Food Part 1

Celtic Healing Deities

Celtic Healing Magic- Part 1, Part 2

Shamrock Charms

Oracular practices & magic– background

Seidhr (Norse oracular practice)

Celtic Ways of Seeing (oracular practice, trance etc)

Magic of Hair and the Head

Irish Bird Omens Part 1, Part 2

Use of Stones & Crystals in Celtic Folklore Part 1

View of Witches in Irish Folklore

The Rosc- Spoken Spells in Druidic Magic

Sacred Symbols– answer to What symbol do you wear of your faith?

Deities (Irish)


an Dagda

Flidais Foltchaoin


Mannanan mac Lir

Nuada Airgetlamh

Deities (Germano-Celtic/Gaulish)

Artio, Germano-Celtic Bear Goddess

Deities (Norse)

Odin as a Healing Deity

Fulltrui- Dedication to a Deity in Heathenry

Faerie Lore


Cat Sidhe

Daoine Sidhe

The Good Neighbors


Spirits of the land, Spirits of the Otherworld– Norse & Irish views compared


Samhain (2011)

My Gaelic Heathen Yule (2011) Yule (2012)

Children’s Yule Songs- Parodies of Traditional Carols

Imbolc: Traditional Celebrations for a Modern Time (2012)


Thoughts on the Ogham Tract

Thoughts on the Colloquy of the Two Sages

Thoughts on the Testament of Morann

Responses to Questions/Discussions

Familiars & why I don’t believe in them

Who were the Druids Part 1– as ritual leaders, judges and seers

Who were the Druids Part 2– as poets and bards

Mistletoe & the Druids

Druids and the Soul

Why Reconstructionism?

Belief & Practice

Living Druidism & Self-Identity

Animism & Neopaganism– Morgan describes her animist beliefs, and how they differ from common Neopagan views of animism


First Aett: FehuUruzThurisazAnsuzRaidhoKenazGebo, Wunjo

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