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What I’ve Been Doing Lately

  • Went to annual Bisexual Organizing Project meeting in January, was thinking of signing up to be on a committee or two. There weren’t enough people running in the board election, so I threw my hat in. I won. At-large director, one year term.
  • This an unpaid position, but it has important responsibilities, and involves training, so I figured it would not only be a way to serve my community, but also gain some skills & non-profit experience, so I’d make it my job.
  • Helping plan the BECAUSE conference, April 17-19th serving as the liaison between board & University of Minnesota Queer Student Cultural Center, who is hosting the event.
  • (Tentatively) Will be on a panel presentation about neurodiversity and bisexual & trans* identities
  • This week was busy.
  • Monday- went to a hearing about minimum wage laws (an exception to it for tipped workers)
  • Tuesday- long awaited therapist appointment (had to do some bureaucratic wrangling to get back on Medical assistance) Depressing & anxiety has been getting a lot better- the increasing sun is helping!
  • Wednesday- Wellspring Weds. at Unity Unitarian, delicious dinner and discussion of a book about Unitarian Universalist involvement in the Civil Rights march to Selma (50th anniversary of this March is coming up)
  • Thursday- BOP board meeting
  • Friday-chilling
  • Saturday- Take Action Minnesota‘s annual meeting, then BECAUSE planning meeting.
  • Today I chilled and cleaned the house.
  • Tomorrow, I will *finally* be doing another Erik’s Ranch tour of the St Paul Cathedral, plus a reporter from the Pioneer Press will be there, so hopefully that will lead to more tours!

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Archived Blog List

Periodically I weed thru the blogroll, and removed dead links or long inactive blogs. However, sometimes there are cool blogs that while inactive, still have good info on them. If it’s on wordpress, then I’ll still have the blog on “Follow”, so I’ll know when a blog becomes active again, and if it does so continuously then I will add it back on (if the material is interesting to me) If your old blog is listed here and has moved, please comment with the new url.  If you have a blogspot, Livejournal or something else that has become active again that’s on this list, then please comment. If you’ve simply decided to make your web presence a personal site rather than a blog, please comment.

Celtic/Druid Blogs

Controversial Celt Sept 2013

Gaelic Folkways– May 2014 Erin Johnson is a Facebook friend, I know she is still active online and may be writing elsewhere- she is a busy lady! This is part of a bigger website, so I will keep a link to it on the Celtic Polytheism Resource page.

Michael Lothar– May 2014 (WP) older blog Mo Shaol Paganachta (Blogspot)

Searching for Imbas– author Erynn Rowan Laurie’s blog, October 2013, Blogspot, I believe she started another after moving to Italy (long story, go read.) Lots of awesome stuff, she is a major influence on my own take on Gaelic polytheism.

Wren’s Voice Last update Sept 2014 (Blogspot) Dreoilin (WP) same person’s older blog from 2012


Flame in Bloom– Nov 2014 Dancing for Freyja- some good thoughts on the gods, and unique views that pose challenges for the Klingon Asatru types

Misc. Polytheism/Paganism

Several wordpress blogs kept by Hearthstone- general blog Field and Fire– May 2014

She writes the most gorgeous prayers!

Underflow– Greek prayers, Hearth & Field– Heathen prayers Fieldstones– Celtic & Continental Germanic

Night Wandering May 2014, WP

Prairies & Pyramids– Kemetic December 2014

Unitarian Universalist Blogs

Adam Eliot– December 2014 Blogspot

Free & Responsible Search– Doug Muder is one of my favorite UU writers, he was the one who got me thinking about class issues in UUism. October 2014, Blogspot

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