Pagan Blog Project Prompts for Letter Y

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Here are some prompts for Y. To give us more options, I definitely went far beyond my usual European/Near Eastern bailiwick of Paganism.

Yalda- Persian winter solstice celebration

Yam- Canaanite sea god

Yama- god of death/the underworld in Vedic myth, after becoming less important in later Hinduism, Yama become more well known as a judge of the dead in various forms of Buddhism (Tibet, Japan, China, Korea)

Yantra- a mystical diagram or amulet used in mystical traditions of Hinduism (related concept- mandala)

Yarrow- herb used in traditional healing

Yasna- Zoroastrian offertory ritual, for the Indo-European geeks among us…

Yazatas– angels in Zoroastrianism- were “demoted” from god status in pre-Zoroastrian Persian polytheism.

Yemaya- Afro-Caribbean goddess of the sea, an orisha

Yeti- Tibetan legendary creature- the “Abominable Snowman”

Yew- the rune Eiwaz, ogham Idad

Yeeger, Eweich- Eternal Hunter, a hero/demi-god/god in Urglaawe, Deitsch heathenry

Yezidism- an off-shoot of Zoroastrianism, though monotheistic, their culture & traditions has connections with older Indo-Iranian polytheism

Yin and Yang- symbol of balance and interconnection in Taoism

Yggdrasil- the World Tree in Norse cosmology

Ygg- a name for Odin

Ymir- giant that world was created from in Norse myth

Yoda- ponder the teachings of the short green one!

Yoga (actual yoga, please not the watered down Westernized exercise program by the same name)

YOLA- You Only Live Once- discuss spiritual/philosophical aspects of this modern saying

Yoruba- Western African culture with major influences on Afro-Caribbean religions


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