Pagan Blog Project Prompts for the Letter X

November 18, 2014 at 12:21 am 1 comment

So I’ve caught up with letters U, V and W on the Pagan Blog Project. I went over there to add the link for Wandervogels post and saw that they didn’t have any prompts for the letter X. There is also an error that says it’s the second week working with it (Nov. 21st) when it’s the first week. I’m mining the archives for ideas with links to posts. So here are some ideas- if you have any more, add in the comments. To make it easier, I will included words that start with “ex”. And of course if you’re writing in another language, words started with X will turn into other letters. Still counts, in my opinion.

Xenia- hospitality in Greek

Xenophobia/xenophilia- fear of the foreign/love of the foreign- how do these themes pop up in your spiritual path, your community, and how does it relate to your values?

Xena (& Hercules) Inspiring or mostly just annoying?

X-rated as in censorship- of religious or sexual content

X- Chi, the Greek letter

X- the Roman numeral for 10, write about the significance of the number, or a group of 10

X- Gebo, the rune (that’s the shape of the letter, but obviously a different sound!)

X chromosomes

X-ing something out, negation, negativity, lack of something

Xeriscaping- landscaping & gardening in a way that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation to conserve water

Xartus- Proto-Indo-European word roughly meaning “cosmic order” more or less equivalent to the Hindu rta, Norse wyrd (Leithin Cluan/Naomi had a great post on it last year)

Xochiquetzal- Aztec goddess

Xoana– Hellenic wooden statues

Excellence- the ADF motto is “Why not excellence?” for a pop culture spin, you could talk about  Bill & Ted’s “Be Excellent to One Another”

Exes Write about your ex-partner, friend, spiritual teacher/clergyperson, religion in a spiritual context.

Extraordinary, Extreme, Exploring/exploration, Existentialism


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Transgender Remembrance Rituals X-rated Religion: Sexual Ecstasy, Mystery & Social Boundaries

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  • 1. G. B. Marian  |  November 18, 2014 at 12:28 am

    Those are some really good suggestions. Thanks!


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