So Call Me “Retard”

September 17, 2014 at 12:37 am 3 comments

What I’ve found even more pervasive than racism in online communities- Geek, Heathen, Pagan,  whatever is the highly “creative” ableist insults. Racist fucktards, and New Age flufftards.  Wow, that is sooo clever! Just take apart the word “retard” add a new prefix on and ta-da! New insult! Of course just plain ol’ retard still does the trick. Look at me- I’m an autistic person that understands the use of sarcasm! And empathy for all those people you’re insulting, yes autistic people actually are capable of that too! Guess what, I actually know a lot of people with mental disabilities who have accomplished what you haven’t- graduating from high school! Apparently you’re still in elementary school because that’s kinda the maturity level you’re showing when you call everyone that disagrees with you “retard”, idiot, imbecile, spastic, etc. And in fact, plenty of kids in elementary school actually know that those words are not OK to use, and learn to treat their peers with disabilities with respect!

So, yeah internet trolls. Bring it on! Call me retard! To my face or on this blog! Then we’ll know who really are- a coward and a bully!

They tell me this is just some fake phony arbitrary “political correctness”, I’m just suppressing your right to free speech.   Ableism isn’t a “real” ism, everyone loves people in wheelchairs and Down Syndrome kids! (Because they never grow up, am I right?) They even have that law that protects them- the ADA! It’s been so effective in making sure everyone can get the employment, housing and other services they need! Or “those disabled people” all get checks from the government so they have nothing to whine about. Just like Indians all get rich from casino money, right?

Calling racists stupid or crazy is also part of a misconception. People are not racist because they are stupid. They may be illogical and lacking critical thinking skills, certainly. Wanting someone else to blame for their problems- it’s the Mexicans taking the jobs away, it’s the “welfare queens”, whatever. It’s all much easier than realizing that the upper class has been screwing you over for generations by pitting poor whites against poor blacks. It’s easier to go after someone you know who’s cheating on welfare than all the millionaires that do. Because you don’t see them doing it. Out of sight out of mind.

Mentally ill people, actually rarely become violent, in fact they are more likely to be the victims of violence and abuse and this is also the case with people with autism and other developmental disabilities. And as I commented to that fellow on Wild Hunt, why would disabled people support Neo-Nazis, when after all, the Nazis went after disabled people first!


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  • 1. tressabelle  |  September 18, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    Very well said!

  • 2. Thomas Weaver  |  June 2, 2015 at 7:53 am

    “Look at me- I’m an autistic person that understands the use of sarcasm! And empathy for all those people you’re insulting, yes autistic people actually are capable of that too!”

    I’m pleased to see that I’m not the only autistic person who really lets fly with the sarcasm in response to people insisting we are incapable of understanding — much less using — sarcasm, metaphor, whatever.

  • 3. caelesti  |  June 2, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    I *do* at times have trouble recognizing metaphor, sarcasm and satire- and likewise other people have difficulty understanding my sense of humor- a lot of it is probably due to missing subtleties of voice tone & body language- and likewise I probably “scramble” neurotypical attempts to understand my own. I think sarcasm gets a bad rap because people misuse it against people with less power- it’s best used as a (non-violent) means against the comparatively more privileged. You may also enjoy this piece I wrote a while ago snarking against a therapist…writing it was quite therapeutic!


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