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Books I Want!

I’ve been trying to be good and not spend money, watching while my boyfriend buys lots of games. Frustrating! Meanwhile lots of cool polytheist/pagan goodies have been coming out! List for my own reference, links to announcements/info, trying to decide which ones to get hard copies, which to just get in e-book format.

More stuff will be added/removed as I discover new goodies and buy stuff.



Misc. Polytheism/Pagan

  • Divorcing a Real Witch– friend of mine, Diana Rajchel, need to buy from her! Hopefully I’ll never need it!
  • When a Pagan Prays by Nimue Brown- great Druid writer!
  • Dealing with Deities by Raven Kaldera- intro to polytheistic theology
  • Heart of the Labyrinth by H. Jeremiah Lewis (Sannion) Bacchic Orphism, prolly not my thing, but anything Sannion writes is interesting. If nothing else, if I read it, I’ll finally understand what he’s talking about on his blog (I took a hiatus from reading for a while then I was like whaaat?)
  • (Maybe) Whispers of Stone by Tess Dawson- originally published by O books, went out of print, her book on magic was picked up by Llewellyn- interested, but not $40 interested.
  • Longing for Wisdom: the Message of the Maxims by Allyson Szabo
  • Magickal Judaism by Jennifer Hunter out of print Jewitchery is such a fascinating blend
  • (Maybe) Blacksmith Gods– since I’m interesting in so many smith related gods this might be interesting

Reference- Different Publishing websites

Biblioteca Alexandrina– publishing wing of Neos Alexandria, Greco-Roman-Egyptian recon org- lotsa interesting titles to choose from! They are starting to digitize them.

Nysa Press– Sannion’s other books


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