Magical/Religious Eclecticism: Various Views

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Strategic Sorcery is not a blog I usually read, since it’s more about magic than religion, but the author has come out with a series of posts on eclecticism that I found very insightful and relevant for religious eclecticism as well. I know as an American, and a Unitarian Universalist I am probably always going to be learning from many cultures and religions, even if I focus mainly on a couple. The key is to figure out how to do so well!

1) When Did Eclectic Become a Slur?

2) Eclecticism: Arguments

3) 8 Rules for Sane Eclecticism

I’ve heard various people explain the difference between syncretism and eclecticism but frankly I’m still not clear on it. When recon polytheists it is usually with the motivation that Syncretism is Better! Why? Because These Books Said So. No, actually it’s because they’re a recon and they said so. Anyway for some other views:

Oldie but a goodie essay on the Cauldron Forum-

On Eclecticism, Syncretism, Multiple-Paths and Other Combinatories by Darkhawk

You Say “Eclectic”, I Say “Syncretic” Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off! by Erynn Laurie, Celtic recon.

Another thing I’ve seen is- it’s OK to borrow from anything- except Christianity! (Judaism apparently is OK if it’s Kabbalah…) Or pop culture…


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