Independence Day Linkfest

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Here’s a collection of links, both serious and silly, spiritual and political related to Independence Day, American culture, patriotism etc.

Who Won the American Revolution? Crash Course U.S. History-

Not quite like what they taught you in high school!

46 Facts about the First Ladies– Hannah Lane is my new favorite, along with Eleanor Roosevelt!

Self-Actualization, Spiritual Oneness & the Fourth of July by Crystal Blanton- in a similar spirit to my previous post, Ms. Blanton reflects on freedom and justice as ideals that we must keep striving towards.

America: Land of the Free, Home of the Magickal by Jason Mankey  Very interesting look at the development of uniquely American magical/occult traditions and customs.

Millennials Are Proud of #Murica Despite Its Flaws  says MTV study. ‘murica is slang for extreme patriotism, used both seriously and sarcastically.

America Sucks Less– this Youtube video is a hilarious send-up of our awesome mediocrity

Excerpt from French political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America on patriotism “There is one sort of patriotic attachment which principally arises from that instinctive, disinterested, and undefinable feeling which connects the affections of man with his birthplace. This natural fondness is united with a taste for ancient customs and a reverence for traditions of the past; those who cherish it love their country as they love the mansion of their fathers. They love the tranquility that it affords them; they cling to the peaceful habits that they have contracted within its bosom; they are attached to the reminiscences that it awakens; and they are even pleased by living there in a state of obedience. ”

Independence from Politics, Flag Day & Patriotism– old posts of my own.

To end with some more silliness:

an Epic Rap Battles of History! between George Washington & William Wallace


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America as Camelot Reconstructionism and American Culture

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