Feminist Link Round-up #2: Sex-Positivity, Nuns in Pop Culture and a Wedding-themed Coming of Age

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There is No Such Thing as a Slut– the Atlantic  A fascinating study how being labelled a “slut” in college relates more to the class status of the woman rather than their actual behavior.

Sex, Freyja and maybe a little about what feminism is not– the Animist’s Craft- Nell writes on her own definition of feminism and how she sometimes feels excluded by other feminists for not upholding their ideas. I know for myself, feminism in part about being able to make choices about one’s body, sexuality and general way of life while considering the broader socio-political implications and impacts of one’s choices- the “personal is political” principle. So while I respect her choices to wear corsets & heels and engage her kinks, I do affirm the importance of questioning the context and influences on how those choices are made. Nell also questions the idea that men are all automatically a part of “rape culture”. I noticed the whole concept of “rape culture” only a while ago- perhaps around the time of the Steubenville high school case. Maybe it’s not a new idea, it seems related to a certain stream of radical feminism that arose in the 1970’s but I’ve never cared much for that type of feminism so then I haven’t read much about it. I’m not sure whether I agree that is a useful/helpful concept in discussing issues of sexual consent and rape or if it mostly shuts down conversations as some have accused.

In general if you have an interest in geek culture (anything from video games to comics to fantasy/science fiction/horror genres) with a feminist social justice analysis (it doesn’t ruin it- really!) check out Lady Geek Girl & Friends- one of the writers has a series on religion in geek culture called “Oh My Pop Culture Jesus!” This month, she has an insightful post about the depiction of nuns. I think how we depict them- often as evil, unnatural, strict and prudish or repressed and filled with lust says something about compulsory (hetero)sexuality and the lack of understanding of religious callings. She challenges creators to consider all the storytelling possibilities that they are missing out on with more realistic depictions of women religious- including branching out to nuns that are not Catholic- Buddhist, Orthodox, Lutheran, Hindu etc.

Ricchina’s Wedding– a family decides to throw a wedding themed 25th birthday party for their daughter, Ricchina who has Down’s Syndrome. The important thing is really that Ricchina obviously had a great time and felt honored and respected by her family. Here’s another article which gives a little more background info on the family. Something about it still bugs me though- mostly the parents’ assumption that Ricchina can’t marry or live at least semi-independently. Down’s really varies by individual so I try not to make assumptions about what a particular individual is capable of doing. But many people with developmental disabilities have married and sometimes even had children (that’s a whole other debate, but I just try to reserve judgement) It also seems like the way the article was written, it was more about cheering the mother/family for being so supportive, rather than celebrating Ricchina herself. Some folks in the comments also wondered why it seemed like friends her own age didn’t seem to be in attendance. It’s probably hard to judge just based on this photography project, and maybe we shouldn’t- but what do you think, dear readers, from both feminist and disability perspectives?


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