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In my last update of the Celtic Polytheism Resource page, I mentioned my disappointment that online discussion seems to have greatly decreased. I have since discovered that much of it has migrated from Livejournal and Yahoo groups to Facebook. The only constant thing is change- before LJ and Yahoo there was PODSNET, USENET, and before that Pagans communicated mostly with mimeographed newsletters! Anyhow there are so many that I am making this separate page. Each group has its own focus, and slightly different rules, so please keep that in mind in your participation. As always with my resource lists, this is a work in progress.

Facebook Groups: Some are private/closed, so if you prefer you can keep your membership hidden, or create a profile that uses a religious or other assumed name. Since almost all are closed, I’m now only making note of the public ones!

Pan-Celtic, Pan-British

Celtic Paganism, (Celtic Recon focus)  Celtic Paganism & Druidry (broader)

Celtic Polytheists (Public)

Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism/Polytheism

Irish/British Celtic Polytheism (Public)

Alexei Kondratiev’s Lorekeeper Course study/discussion group (Public)

Celtic & Germanic Paganism


Creideamh Duthchasach nan Gaideal– This group is a place to share resources on Indigenous Traditions of the Gaels, its about documenting what our ancestors valued so that we can determine what if any of those values we continue with or which we alter or toss out.

Gaelic Polytheism This is the group you need to join in order to join Gaol Naofa

Sinnsreachd- Gaelic Polytheistic Tribalism: Note this group associates more with modern Gaelic cultures rather than Neo-Pagan subcultures

Sinnsreachd Hearthkeepers- Practical Gaelic Polytheism

Loachra nan gaidheal– Gaelic warriors guild- Laochra Cuallacht of Comhaltacht na nGaedheal: Cairdreabh nan Gàidheal


Irish Polytheism/Paganacht/Gentlidecht/Gintliocht

Practitioners of Irish Polytheism

Irish Magic & Spirituality– moderated by Lora O’Brien

Teanga na draoithe– Language of the Druids- Irish language learners


Welsh Polytheistic Reconstruction


Continental Celtic/Gaulish

Gaulish Polytheism Community

Touta Galation


Clann na Morrigna  For devotees of the Morrigan- of all genders

Ban-gaiscedach na Morrigna  Warrior women of the Morrigan (trans-inclusive)

Call of the Morrigan

Clann Bhride: Children of Brighid Religious order devoted to Brighid (co-ed)

Ord Brighideach International– Religious order devoted to Brighid (co-ed)

Forge & Well- Keepers of the Flame– Brigidine order, all women

Nigheanan Brighde Order– Celtic Polytheist flame-keeping order, all women

Cuallacht na Brighid– Order of Brighid for Comhaltacht na nGaedheal: Cairdreabh nan Gàidheal, co-ed, not solely flame-keeping

Coire an Dagda– Cauldron of the Dagda

Song of Oghma



Contemplative Druidry– focus on contemplative practices in Druidry (big tent definition)

Not the Druids you are looking for

Specific orgs

ADF- Ar nDraiocht Fein (Closed) Open to non-ADF members. There are other FB groups and lists for specific ADF groves and subgroups- I’m not listing them all!

AODA- Ancient Druids of North America

The Druid Network

Druid Grove of Two Coasts

Henge of Keltria

OBOD Friends (unofficial)

Reformed Druids of North America

Sylvan Celtic Fellowship– Located in Lincolnton, NC but welcomes folks from other areas, inclusive of all Celtic-based paths


Northwest Druidry: NW United States and SW Canada

Non-Facebook Groups

Paganacht Reddit– This one is active!

Celtic Reconstructionist Livejournal Community– in the 2000’s this was the main hub of online discussion- less active now, but lots of good material!

Cauldron Forum’s Hazel & Oak: Celtic Polytheism Special Interest Group


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  • 1. Erin Lund Johnson  |  July 25, 2014 at 11:00 am

    Thanks for including my group, Creideamh Si and Ancestral Gaelic Folkways, which encompasses non-christian culture and spirituality in Ireland and Scotland, from the pre-Celtic through to the present. 🙂

  • 2. caelesti  |  July 25, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    Failte romhat- in fact I will add that description.

  • 4. Léithin Cluan  |  March 23, 2015 at 2:12 am

    You might enjoy the Polytheistic Community Forum, which is mostly Gaelic polytheists. It’s a small forum at the moment, but growing.

    Glad to see the Cauldron SIG here – I co-moderate it. Not that I do very much work, as it isn’t very active, alas.

  • 5. Resource Page Updates | The Lefthander's Path  |  January 29, 2016 at 4:16 am

    […] Celtic Polytheism Online Discussion Groups […]


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