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Several Great Posts on Feminism and Gender Issues

I have been finding a lot of great posts to share about feminism and gender issues, including issues of violence, harassment and abuse. Some of these are specifically Pagan, others are not, but even the Pagan-specific posts still have information that is helpful and useful to a broader audience.

Two posts from Nimue Brown at Druid Life: Dear Women, and Dear Men

Nimue is a very gifted and insightful writer, and in these posts she tells her fellow women that we need to stop fighting and undercutting each other, defending men who behave badly, and support each other more! To the men she asks that they not be so defensive and dismissive of concerns women have about harassment and abuse.

Dude, It’s You– John Beckett at Under the Ancient Oaks calls on his fellow men to be responsible for themselves and their actions- that they are not entitled to attention (sexual or otherwise) from women.  It’s so great to hear from a guy who “gets it”. (This is response in part to the recent murdering spree by Elliott Rodger.)

Against Patriarchy: 20 Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution by Chris Crass (guest post on Change From Within)

Sexual Violence Ed for Pagans by Diana Rajchel (an ongoing series of posts by a writer, also a friend of mine who has experience as a domestic abuse advocate)

6 Rules for Safer Pagan Sex: A Guide,

and Fleur-de-Lis: A Symbol of Sexual Boundaries by Caer Jones/Mystik Nomad

How I Gained Some Understanding of Feminist Views on Rape by Erika Hammerschmidt (from my college friend Erika) Erika used to think it odd that feminists found advice on how to avoid getting raped offensive, hopefully this will help some folks understand this issue better.

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