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A Mix of Links for International Women’s Day

Yesterday, March 8th was International Women’s Day- I kept busy practicing Irish music with my colleague in the morning for Thursday’s Irish tour, and working my retail job in the afternoon/evening. I’ve been keeping up with the news better since acquiring my tablet, and this seems a good time to share and comment on articles related to women- broad mix on variety of issues. And the whole month of March is Women’s History Month.

I would like to remind people of the radical, socialist, unionist origins of this holiday- it has become much more mainstream and “safer” to pro-capitalist women’s rights advocates, but let’s not sweep history under the rug, or let it be demonized by conservatives.

Mothers & Daughters: a photo-essay of mothers & school-age daughters from around the world- the mothers discuss their educational/vocational opportunities and ask their daughters what their future plans are

The Real Polygamous Feminist Wives of Salt Lake City  This is a family that chose to break away from the patriarchal values of a fundamentalist Mormon sect.  My fiance has made the argument to me that being “feminist” can be relative to the cultural context from which you are coming. (I don’t think this is what he meant) I don’t know how “feminist” this family can really be- they are taking steps in that direction. But if one husband has five wives, no matter how much he protests that he is not the “head of the household” he obviously has a ton of power that they do not have.  I recommend that this family learn more about the polyamorous  movement/community- which does exists in Salt Lake City! They will probably find more commonality with them than with monogamous feminist Mormons.  By the way, ignore the comments on this article. Several people derailed the conversation.

Korra’s a Girl? Despite the assumptions of TV producers and advertisers, boys will watch shows focused on a girl protagonist. In large numbers in fact. Especially if it’s about a heroine that is active, funny and interesting. (Imagine that!)

Related to this- Top 5 Female Religious Figures that Should Be on TV– Lady Geek Girl, a blogger who writes about comics/science fiction/horror/video games from a social justice perspective, gives some suggestions from a variety of religions.

She didn’t mention Joan of Arc, but I can’t resist adding this video for a bit of fun: Epic Rap Battles of History: Joan of Arc vs. Miley Cyrus.

A review of Inseparable: Desire Between Women in Literature– book which discusses a range of relationships between women in Western literature, from platonic to sexual/romantic.

Recline, Don’t Lean In– a response to Sheryl Sandberg’s celebrated “Lean In” super-working-mom manifesto

Responses to her response: Schools Need to Stop Asking So Much of Parents (And Parents Need to Stop Caving) I also have to add though, parents and society as a whole, need to stop asking so much of teachers (like expecting them to be surrogate parents/babysitters)

The Uselessness of Hating Sheryl Sandberg  the problem is the culture of capitalism, not Sandberg.


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