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January 18, 2014 at 1:50 am 1 comment

I majorly re-vamped the blogroll. I’m finding lots of nifty new blogs, and have removed dead links and blogs that have not been updated since Samhain. I may still keep a list of “archived blogs” that have good posts, esp. those of Gaelic/Celtic polytheists since there are only so many of us. Please  comment if you have moved your blog or re-activated it.

I put the Celtic Recon page back up, it’s still of course a work in progress and maybe I will be adding in more Neo-Druidy things. It saddens me that a lot of the online activity seems to have dissipated among CRs. I believe some of this is due to divisions that have arisen between different factions over how traditional or innovative to be.  I would recommend if you want to get more socially connected to check out the Gaol Naofa group. They have a public Facebook group you can join to learn more. They are quite committed to building their tradition, and have been very active in putting together a lot of great information on Gaelic polytheism. I have considered them myself, but currently I am just to trying to re-establish my path and I’m not sure how traditional of a form it will take.  Another place to check out (to which I do belong) is Hazel & Oak Reformed Celtic Polytheism Special Interest Group (whoa that’s a name) on the Cauldron Forum. They base themselves on scholarship but are more open to UPG and modern adaptation. Which is funny because CR was supposed to include that to begin with, but a lot of people have come to feel excluded for not being “recon” enough.  (See Erynn Rowan Laurie’s writing on aisling & archeology- will link when I find it)


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Being a Bastard When the Gods Become Real

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