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At a Crossroads

For the past several years I’ve been feeling rather- spiritually adrift. I guess since my life has been changing so much, what with graduating from college and trying to make it in the “real world”, that things don’t always make sense anymore.

I joined Unity Unitarian several years back and I’ve been feeling like it isn’t the right place for me. The reasons for this are beyond the scope of this post so I will expand on it another time.

I haven’t been very connected to ADF lately. I have tried working on the Dedicant program since college (I joined in- 2006 was it?) It’s not that it’s hard, but I keep getting preoccupied with other things. Of course college was a bad time to do it, but even after that I went thru looong periods of unemployment. I really like ADF, there are many creative and interesting people involved in it. I tried starting a protogrove one time, but it didn’t get off the ground mainly because the interested individuals worked nights, or were busy dealing with unemployment or other issues.

John (Star) began Red Pine Protogrove and I’ve gone to several of their rituals. They are great folks. Problem is, it’s based more in the northern suburbs and I get around by bus. I sometimes can get rides but I would prefer a group where I can usually get to events by myself. Recently Star stepped down as Protogrove Organizer, and I haven’t heard who (or if) will be replacing him.

One problem I do have with ADF is that I find their ritual structure too complex, there is so much involved in setting up & taking down the ritual, that adding more in just seems like too much. It would probably make more sense in a larger grove.  So I have been exploring another Druid group, Mists of Stone Forest. But they have the same problem of frequently holding rituals in far-off places. Why can’t there be any inner-city Druid/Celtic groups?!


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