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Growing up a social misfit as I did, I never expected to be a leader of any sort. Since coming to college, I’ve ended up in a couple different leadership positions, and found myself filling leadership roles at various times. I’ve come to realize that leadership is not necessarily something you choose, often the role is chosen for you. A need or an opportunity opens up, and wanting to help out, you volunteer. In fact, I think often those who go out seeking leadership are doing so for the wrong reasons. A leader, to me is not someone who gives orders and sits around while others do the work. Rather, a leader is a guide and facilitator who makes sure someone shows up to meeting or event, things get done, communication is running smoothly. A leader is there to serve the members of an organization or community and so s/he should try to seek, and act on as much input as possible from the members.

At the same time, every minor decision can’t be voted on by the whole membership, and if something comes up, and something needs to be changed at the last minute or there is crisis of some sort, the leader(s) have to make a decision without the input of the membership.

Student leadership is a kind of “training wheels”. You are trying to figure out how to run an organization, put on events, recruit members, publicize the group & it’s events, and at times, educate the public. Sure, there are official college rules you generally have to follow, but beyond that it’s pretty much trial and error. We do (to varying degrees) have the support of staff, but for the most part we’re figuring things out on our own. I have learned a lot of skills from both participating in student groups as a member, and as a leader. I hope I can put those skills to use in helping the greater community after I graduate.


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